Your wedding day is going to be an important moment in your life, and as when a baby takes their first steps (or when your best mate is about to act incredibly stupidly after a couple of beers!), it should be documented so it is never forgotten.

There are several ways to document your wedding day so that you don’t forget or miss a single moment, so read on to find out about some fun ways in which you can do this!

Create a Wedding Hashtag

Your guests are going to see a good chunk of the wedding that you don’t see – whether that is because you are too busy experiencing it, or because you can’t be in several places at once. Therefore, creating a wedding hashtag is an easy and free way to get everyone involved in the proceedings and means you can put all of those memories and moments in one place. Choose your social media of choice and the hashtag you want everyone to use, then let them get posting!

You might want to set certain rules (such as no posting until the wedding day is over) or maybe you prefer to create a private space to use the hashtags instead – it is entirely up to you and how you want your day to be revealed.

Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer

If you want stunning, high-quality photos from angles and moments that others are not going to be able to capture for you, a professional wedding photographer is a must. This takes the heat off you having to take photos yourself throughout the day, but will also provide you with some genuine moments from your wedding that you get to keep.

Some people also like to include a videographer or choose a deal such as wedding photography packages Chicago so they truly get an extensive recording of their special day. That way, you can hold on to the magic of the moments for years to come.

Hire a Photo Booth

The photo booth is often the life of a party, as everyone can get involved – no matter their age and ability. Provide your guests with a plethora of fancy dress items and props, and let them go wild. You will get to look at them when you are home on your sofa, and see a whole other side to your wedding that you won’t have witnessed much of at the time! Plus, these photos will make great gift and thank-you card options!

Provide a Polaroid, a Guest Book or Single-Use Cameras

Get some POVs (points of view) from your guests in the classic way. Having a Polaroid handy and a guest book on display allows your guests to take their own pictures and write notes and stories for you throughout the evening. You could also spread out some single-use cameras on the tables or chairs, and let children take photos to show you their experience of your special day too.

Whatever you choose, you can never have too many photos or notes from your special day, so make sure to make the most of it!


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