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Health and Wellness Resolutions That are Worth Making

Health and Wellness Resolutions That are Worth Making

So many of our New Year’s resolutions focus on doing less of something. We tell ourselves that we’ll eat less junk food or spend less money.

November 28th, 2021

So many of our New Year’s resolutions focus on doing less of something. We tell ourselves that we’ll eat less junk food or spend less money. We hope to weigh less, to have less debt and to worry less. We focus on cutting things out and rarely think about what we will add in their place. We fail to keep resolutions because we don’t care about them enough, they are too hard, or they just make us unhappy.

You are more likely to stick to exercise if you do it for the gains that you will make, such as increased muscle, better mental health, new friends and new skills, instead of what you will lose, which is just weight. You are more likely to stick to resolutions if they enrich your life and add to it, instead of just taking things away.

The most important resolutions that you can make are the ones that will improve your health and wellbeing. Here’s a look at some resolutions that you can actually stick to, and that you’ll want to because you’ll know that they are worth it.

Visit the Dentist

So, the first thing that you should add to your life in 2022 is a trip to your dentist. For the last two years, visiting the dentist has been difficult. During the lockdown, your practice might have been closed to anything other than true dental emergencies, and ever since the world has started to open back up, many surgeries are still behind when it comes to check-ups and more routine work. If you haven’t had your usual six-month reminder, you aren’t alone.

If you are having trouble getting an appointment, it’s time to make your oral health a priority. You might just need to get back into good habits and seeing your dentist can be a great start. You might also want to have some more extensive treatment such as dental veneers to correct your smile. Teeth veneers can be a great way to fill any gaps and create a natural smile. Veneers are effective and a great way to look and feel more confident in 2022. If you want to look at veneers Glasgow, find out more from the Glasgow Smile Clinic today. You can also visit for other dental work, or just a consultation to find out more about what they could offer you.

Move More

Eating less isn’t the only way to lose weight and improve your health. In fact, it isn’t even the best way. Moving more means that you are burning more calories, but also that you are improving your heart health, gaining strength, and increasing flexibility.

If you want to lose weight, you might also end up looking at making some changes to your diet, but if you make exercise your priority, and a diet change something that you do to supplement it, then the results will be far-reaching, instead of just good for your tummy.

When it comes to moving more, try to be realistic in your goals. Do you have time to hit the gym four times a week for two hours a time? Probably not. Could you get up earlier and walk to work, or go for a 15-minute walk every day after you’ve dropped your kids off? Probably. Remember, short spells of regular exercise are more beneficial than the occasional hard session and nothing more.

Drink More Water

Drinking less alcohol is another common resolution, and for many of us, it can certainly be worthwhile. But if you don’t go out too often, and don’t drink to excess when you do, ask yourself if you actually want to make that change? If you are just enjoying the occasional glass of wine or sharing a bottle over dinner with a friend, do you really want to change? If you do, go for it. But either way, a better resolution is often to drink more water.

Start drinking a glass of water with meals and replace some of your daily cups of coffee with water, or even warmed squash for a comforting pick-me-up.

Laugh More

Laughing more is something that most of us should do. Life is stressful – we’re all busy, we’ve all got worries and nothing cuts them down more than laughing with good friends. Make your friendships a priority, not just when you need them, but all of the time.


Do you honestly get enough sleep? Most of us think that we do, and then we have a week off work, turn the alarm off and find that we’re sleeping an hour or two later every day. That means you aren’t getting enough. Try to get into a routine that you can stick to most of the time with at least seven hours of sleep a day.

Find Exercises That You Enjoy

You are far more likely to stick to an exercise if you enjoy doing it. Some people love going to the gym or running, but these certainly aren’t for everyone. In the New Year, try to find something that gets you moving, but also smiling. This could be dance classes, joining a netball team, walking, bike riding or anything else. Look at what is available in your local area for more ideas.

Adding things to your schedule is typically easier than taking them out. Instead of cutting things from your life in the new year, try adding some.



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