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How Can Our Lifestyle Affect Our Health?

How Can Our Lifestyle Affect Our Health?

The way we eat, sleep, spend our free time, day-to-day behavior, and daily activities are all counted as our lifestyle.

April 28th, 2021

The way we eat, sleep, spend our free time, day-to-day behavior, and daily activities are all counted as our lifestyle. Since the advent of the last century, we have come to know that our lifestyle has a significant impact on our health. Many types of research have led us to a new mindset that a healthy lifestyle is a key to a healthy body.

According to the World Health Organization, more than 60% of the factors responsible for the deterioration or maintenance of our health are correlated with our lifestyle. Millions of examples show that people who fail to adopt a healthy lifestyle suffer from many chronic diseases, and sometimes these unhealthy habits even lead them to death.

How Unhealthy Habits Damage Our Health

Many chronic diseases, such as hypertension, obesity, insomnia, cardiovascular diseases, metabolic disorders, etc., are all associated with the unhealthy habits that we follow in our daily lives. We need to address this problem as soon as possible because we are also transferring these habits to our upcoming generations.

Children these days love to eat junk food and hate vegetables, fruits, nuts, etc. Similarly, their physical activities have been reduced to almost zero percent, which is leading them to problems like obesity and sleeplessness. Some gradual changes such as limited screen time and a healthy diet can help them get well-maintained health.

You should encourage your children to engage in more sports by playing with them instead of spending more time in front of screens. Similarly, add more fruits and vegetables to your daily diet so your children may get inspiration from you. You can also take help from dietary supplements that are really helpful to fight off problems like vitamin deficiencies or insomnia. Multivitamin supplements from known brands like Smarty Pants will meet their nutritional requirements, while supplements like melatonin gummies for kids will help them get better sleep to wake up more refreshed the next day.

In the beginning, it might be problematic for both you and them, but as soon as you start seeing positive results, you will love to adopt healthy habits. At the same time, you also need to take care of your lifestyle. According to an old saying, “You cannot pour from an empty cup.” It means that if you want to give 100% of your love and care to your child and want 100% in your daily life, you need to take care of your own health first.

Let’s discuss some daily habits that can have a great impact on our health.

Our Diet

One thing that has the most powerful impact on our overall health is our eating habits. It is a generally accepted fact that our bodies are what we put in them. It means if you are putting junk inside your body, it will soon transform into a piece of junk. Similarly, if you will put healthy and nutritious food in your body, it will start showing up in the form of good health.

Physical Activities

Our body is like a machine. If you want to keep it working, you need to keep it in motion, or it will get rusted. Each cell in our body requires oxygen to function correctly. Lack of physical activities results in a lack of oxygen absorption by the cells. As a result, the cells that are the building blocks of life face hindrance and can’t perform well.

Our Sleeping Habits

Just like a machine needs to work regularly to keep in form, it needs some rest too to save it from any wear and tear. The same is the case with our bodies. If you don’t give them enough rest, they won’t be able to work for long.

When we are sleeping, our bodies undergo the repair of tired, broken, and damaged cells. This repair is very important to maintain the efficiency of our brain and body. When we don’t sleep for at least 6 to 8 hours a day, our bodies fail to successfully complete the repair session resulting in a decline in our physical and mental health.

Addictions That We Follow

Habits like smoking and addiction to tobacco, alcohol, or other drugs are very detrimental to our health. These addictions badly affect our lungs and heart, resulting in fatal pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases. These addictive products pose a threat to our physical health and are also very harmful to our brain.

According to research, women who drink red wine regularly have a higher risk of breast cancer. Alcohol consumption is associated with diseases like stroke, high blood pressure, kidney, and liver failure, behavioral problems, etc.

Screens Are An Addiction Too

Along with tobacco, drugs, and alcohol, there is another type of addiction that we do not count under this category. It is the addiction to mobile phones, TV, laptops, digital games, etc. Children are spending most of their time glued to screens, and to be honest, parents are not much different.

This extensive screen time results in eye fatigue, insomnia, reduced physical activities causing obesity, psychological and behavioral problems, etc.



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