Teeth grinding is a problem many adults and children struggle with. It is believed that one in ten adults struggle with teeth grinding. Teeth grinding can lead to many dental issues such as chipped teeth and popped crowns, which, if you have ever been to a dentist, you know will cost you a lot of money in the long run.

That is why custom teeth grinding guards are a popular solution for those suffering from teeth grinding.

This article will examine how custom teeth grinding guards work and how to order one online.

Understanding Teeth Grinding

The medical term for excessive, uncontrollable teeth grinding is called bruxism. Bruxism doesn’t have an official cause from doctors yet. Common factors that lead to bruxism are high stress, anxiety, sleep apnea, and other sleep disorders.

Bruxism can lead to chip teeth, jaw pressure, jaw pain, neck pain, trouble sleeping, and worn-down enamel. The increased jaw pain can lead to temporomandibular disorder, making it difficult to open your mouth entirely.

Mouthguards can protect your teeth from damage when you unconsciously grind your teeth while asleep. Teeth damage can lead to an increase in cavities, broken crowns, and other dental problems, which can cost an arm or leg at the dentist. A custom-made night guard can also help realign your jaw, relieving pain and pressure caused by temporomandibular disorder.

Types of Mouthguards

Over The Counter Mouth Guards

These mouth guards are usually made from plastic and other soft materials that allow them to be flexible and fit in any mouth. They will protect your teeth from damage when you grind but won’t help relieve jaw pressure bruxism can cause.

Custom Made Mouth Guard

Custom mouthguards are made from an imprint of your teeth and are designed to protect your teeth and help align your jaw, which can relieve jaw pressure. Custom mouth guards can be made from soft plastic for those with a mild case of teeth grinding. Those with more severe teeth grinding problems can also be made with laminated plastic or acrylic.

How To Order a Custom Mouth Guard Online

  1. Order a teeth grinding guard impression kit from an online realtor.
  2. Use the impression kit by placing the putty in the appropriate trays and biting down.
  3. Hold your teeth in that position for three minutes until the putty hardens.
  4. Mail the impression back using the prepaid mailer that should have come with the kit.
  5. Using your teeth impression, technicians will make a custom teeth grinding guard that should fit seamlessly in your mouth.
  6. Your custom teeth grinding guard will be mailed to your home in around ten days

Custom Teeth Grinding Guards Can Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Teeth grinding can lead to a wide variety of dental problems with far-reaching complications. Worn down enamel can make your teeth more susceptible to cavities, leading to needing crowns and eventually root canals. A custom tooth grinding guard not only makes it easier to sleep but can protect your teeth from severe dental problems.


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