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How Should Men’s Chinos Fit? A Comprehensive Guide to Elegant Dressing

How Should Men’s Chinos Fit? A Comprehensive Guide to Elegant Dressing

The comfort, durability and classy appeal of the chinos have hooked numerous fashion fanatics over the globe.

January 4th, 2022

The comfort, durability and classy appeal of the chinos have hooked numerous fashion fanatics over the globe. Chinos are a perfect alternative to heavy jeans and can be worn by people of any age. Not only that but, they blend in well with attires of formal as wells as casual occasions. But a very few know how men’s chinos should fit?

There are three important aspects of chino’s fitting that must be checked before purchasing a pair. The length, waist-fit, and tightness around thighs should be just perfect if you want to create a style statement with your chinos.

The sections below would further elucidate what “perfect” should mean while considering these features.

How Should Chinos Fit Around the Waist?

Make sure that the chinos do not appear stretchy around your waistline. In your quest to find the best chinos for men, remember that they must fit perfectly around the waistline. You should not need any belt to hold it or prevent falling.

However, it does not mean that chinos should be tight on the waist. At no point should chinos be uncomfortable since one of the major reasons to wear them is to get a feeling of comfort.

The ideal placement of chinos is between the upper and mid of the hip-bone area. That’s where you should compare the comfort level for the chinos for a perfect fit.

What Should be the Ideal Length of Chinos?

To get a classy look while wearing chinos with socks, keep the ideal length till it hits the top of your shoe. The length should not be short or long. Keep it just where it kisses the top of your shoe, and you are good to go. Just check how Eddie Redmayne rocked it with this chinos on sports shoes.

However, if you plan to avoid socks, then simply roll the bottom of your chinos in a way that ends at your ankles. Anything longer and shorter than this (without socks) would spoil the charm of your chinos. Also, make sure that the length of chinos is such that you only need to roll them once; otherwise, they would simply appear as a borrowed piece.

Another important aspect of the length of chinos is determining the break. If you plan to get a classy appeal, it is recommended to leave a little break. It helps to showcase your confidence and sophistication.

How Should Chinos Fit Around Thighs?

Once again, avoid wearing chinos that are too tight around the thighs. Remember, the entire point of wearing chinos is getting a perfect look without compromising comfort.

If it’s too tight around the thighs, you feel the chinos pulling around the knees while sitting or bending. Ideally, the allowance around thighs should be between 1 and 1.5 inches.

Few Other Tips to Get a Perfect Fit with Your Chinos

Several other aspects of the chinos must not be neglected if you plan to go for the immaculate vogueish looks.

Choosing the Fitting-Type of Your Chino

Two common fitting types offered in chinos are the slim-fit and the classic fit.

If you want to pull off a dynamic and modern look, slim-fit type chinos would be best for you. These are tight around the thighs and hips area and have more tapering around the legs.

If it’s just the elegance you are after, then you could never go wrong with the classic chinos. These offer better legroom and less tapering around leg openings. Just check how Carl Woodspulled it off.

Fitting Around Calves and Ankles

Ideally, the space around the calves should be just enough to keep you comfortable but not too baggy. If you prefer the no-break look on your chinos, then choose the ones with a more tapered cut around the ankles. However, if your ankles are big, a lower taper below the knee is recommended for classy looks.

Points to Remember● It is best to avoid uncomfortable chinos around the crotch or the seating area.● If you plan to wear chinos in hot weather, avoid choosing too restrictive or too tight.● Even when there is a provision of belt-loops in chinos, it is not compulsory to wear one.● Chinos give out the best look when they fit perfectly, which means they should offer ample room for movement.

Concluding Thoughts

Chinos are unique cotton-wear that can add panache to your personality if worn perfectly. But dressing perfectly is not just limited to following the tips mentioned above. It also depends on your body type and shape.

Choose a chino that does not compromise on comfort for a perfect fit. A golden rule to remember while checking the fitting of chinos is that wearing them should make you feel cosy and liberated.



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