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How To Choose A Perfect Fitting Suit

Here at House of Coco we love a man in a suit, but not a man in a badly fitting one.

Here at House of Coco we love a man in a suit, but not a man in a badly fitting one. So, we’ve put together some useful tips to make sure that your suit fits properly, making sure you look dapper and not dreadful.

How to choose a suit

A suit correctly fitted can make a man feel ready to take on the world. But with so much choice, it can be a daunting task when you’re staring at rails upon rails of options.

Choosing the wrong pattern can make you look like you’re a throwback to the 80’s or choosing the wrong fit can make it look like you’re wearing hand me downs. When you get your suit just right, you’ll feel as good as you look.

First up, think about the colour. A navy suit will work well with pale skin but a nude colour could make you looked washed out. Try different colour swatches to get the right colour for your skin.

Then focus on the shoulders, the pads should lie flat and not protrude beyond the shoulders. The length of the jacket is equally as important and the back of the jacket should fall comfortably in a straight line with the bottom edge draping over the top of the curve formed by the buttocks but no lower than your knuckles. It should not flare at the back above the buttocks or fall past them and sag. When your arms are hanging straight down, you should be able to cup your fingers under the sides of your suit jacket.

The jacket should fit closely around the midriff and not be so tight that you have awkward gaping at the buttons. Finally, the cuff of the trousers should rest on the top of your shoe but it shouldn’t do much more than that, trousers that are too long will look sloppy.

Depending on the occasion, you can leave the top button open if it’s more of a laid back affair but should definitely consider closing it, with a tie, for events that need that little bit of extra charm.

Check out this fun video created by Chums to see Jeremy Clarkson take on our tips to get the best fitting soon he can

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