When it comes to redecorating your home, you need to have a plan to ensure that you stay on track both in the decorating itself and the budget. However, it can be a little daunting if you haven’t taken on a decorating job of this size before. This is why we have put together the following tips to aid you in the creation of your decorating plan.

Find Your Inspiration

The first thing that you need to do when it comes to creating your room makeover plan is to gather your sources of inspiration. The inspiration may vary depending on where you look. Either way, you need to start pulling pieces that evoke the mood or style that you want to encompass within your room. Choose inspirational sources that feel cohesive rather than jarring. Your inspiration matters because it helps to inform all further decisions regarding your room makeover.

After you have built your collection of reference photos and inspiration, you need to start working out what common themes and elements run through it. It could be a colour palette, patterns, or style of furniture. Have you found yourself leaning more towards rustic elements, are you more of a minimalist, or perhaps you favour bohemian styles? Remember, trends come and go, and taste is entirely subjective; you need to make sure that you are happy with your plans and you can live with it.

Make a Floor Plan

A floor plan can be extremely useful, even if you lack a few key technical skills. It can help you to visualise the space better. You may be able to find the floorplan from a realtor, or from historical records. You can also use the measurements of the room to ensure that the furniture and lighting are going to fit properly. Take a lot of measurements, a lot of people measure the size of the room and leave it at that, but you should take more measurements, including any windows in relation to the rest of the room and where the plug sockets are.

These things can affect the layout of your room. You can create your room plan using a pen and paper or using a virtual room planning tool. Before you commit to a purchase, you need to think about how it will fit into your room and whether it will work with the flow of the room or against it.

Create a Room Checklist

The needs and purpose of each room within your home are different. This is where your checklist comes in. you need to work out the needs of each room be as specific as possible because your checklist often doubles as a shopping list too. You should also think about inventorying the room as part of this process. What do you already have versus what you need? You should try to reuse as much as possible; if you can, it not only will make your budget go further it is also more environmentally friendly. Start with the more long term features like flooring or the fixtures and fittings that are harder to change out.

Work Out Your Budget

After you have found your inspiration, created your checklist, and worked out why you are making over the room, you are then better prepared to work out what budget would work best for you. You need a budget to ensure that you can keep yourself on track. Think about what features will constitute the biggest expenditure; you can then begin to earmark parts of your budget towards these features.

Start to Shop Around

After you have completed all of the steps mentioned above, it is time to start shopping. You do not necessarily have to buy anything right away, but you need to start getting an idea of the things you need and what it will cost you. Your budget will obviously inform where you can shop. Some people like to splurge on one thing and get the rest from online marketplaces, charity shops, or second-hand stores.

Think about what feature is the most important and splurge on that. For example, if you are making over your living room, the sofa is a pivotal piece. It is worth spending a little more; you also need to ensure the quality of the sofa too because it needs to last. This is where a brand like Denelli Italia comes in. They are an Italian furniture store that stocks a huge range of furniture from sofas to dining tables to beds.


Room makeovers are necessary from time to time as your décor becomes outdated or your tastes change. In order to execute a room makeover properly, you need to ensure that you have properly constructed your plan; otherwise, things can fall to the wayside, and mistakes are made. Keep in mind the above advice and tips when it comes to planning your next room makeover. Start with collecting your inspo, come up with a checklist and a way to visualise the space. You also always need to keep sight of your budget.


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