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How To Decide Where To Have Your Wedding 

How To Decide Where To Have Your Wedding 

Deciding where you want to hold your wedding is no easy feat since you have many factors to take into account.

March 12th, 2018

Deciding where you want to hold your wedding is no easy feat since you have many factors to take into account. Deciding where you want to celebrate your big day will take time and careful consideration so you must think about starting to organise this important step as soon as possible. Since it’s your wedding day, you’re not expected to plan it all yourself, but you must choose exactly what you want. You’ll most probably be employing the services of caterers, florists and transportation, so they need to know how you want your day to unfold. Once you have decided on the venue, you can then begin arranging the necessary services and sending out invitations.

The Scenery

If beautiful scenery is high on your list, then consider looking for wedding venues in areas of outstanding natural beauty or on the outskirts of national parks in the UK. The Cotswolds feature miles of undulating hills and open expanses with villages of cosy thatched cottages nestled in between. The area’s charm makes it a worthy contender when choosing where to have your wedding. If you choose to explore wedding venues in Cheltenham, then think about choosing an old country manor, such as Manor By The Lake where you can enjoy the gardens and have your wedding photos taken outside (weather permitting!).

The Ceremony

Wherever you want to have the ceremony, you will need to book the venue as early as you can to save disappointment. The ceremony will the most memorable part of the day since it’s here that you’ll be tying the knot. You’ll want everything to be perfect and that’s normal! You could consider having the ceremony at the same location as where you’re holding the reception. Doing this will make proceedings more simple and you won’t have to worry about getting transport from A to B. If you want to hold both the ceremony and the reception in two separate venues, then make sure the two aren’t too far away from each other.

Ask Your Fiancé

It takes two and you’ll want to talk all of your wedding plans through with your partner so that you’re both on the same page, and you can come to any compromises should you want different things from the day, like the preferred music for example. The choice of wedding venue should be a joint decision, so make sure you choose somewhere that suits both of your tastes.


When you’re deciding where to hold the wedding, you will also need to think practically. It’s all very well and good choosing a beautiful venue secluded in the middle of the countryside, but you need to make sure that guests have somewhere to stay that doesn’t involve a long drive. If you’re inviting family who doesn’t live near to your chosen venue, then you’ll have to be on hand to offer suggestions of local B&B’s.

Think Of Numbers

Before deciding where to have your wedding, you will want to calculate how many guests will be there. You can probably expect there to be some dropouts, however, assume that all guests will make it when you’re accounting for numbers.

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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