Comedy clubs are a great way to unwind and have a great time. The UK, and specifically London has shed loads of them. They all can cater to different tastes and places. If you want to avoid disappointment you need to do your homework and make sure you’re choosing the right spot for you!

It’s overwhelming sometimes trying to find the right spot, but we are here to help. It’s tricky to distinguish between one club and another. It’s also super easy to miss out on the little tell-tale signs that make some comedy clubs stand and be an absolute must-visit during your London chuckle adventure. 

Look At The Lineup

If it is not already obvious, looking at the schedule of upcoming shows can really help you figure out which club might appeal to you the most. While the club itself is important, the entertainment is the real focus, and you want to make sure that you are going to actually enjoy the time that you spend there.

Even if you do not see any comedians that you recognize or are that familiar with, it can still give you a chance to look up the lineup before you decide. Choosing a club with guests that match your particular comedic style can be a great way to almost completely guarantee that you will have a good time.

Look Into Venue Policies

It is also a good idea to look at the club’s policies for alcohol. Not all clubs are going to follow the same basic rules, and certain clubs may not allow alcohol at specific times. Others may serve food, but only at certain points in the day or from a very limited menu.

In simple terms, look into the specifics of each London comedy club. Find out more about what they offer and any limitations they might place on their guests, and see which club feels like the best decision. There is not a single perfect experience for everybody, so try to find a club that is tailored to your own preferences.

Visit Club Websites

The most obvious way to pick out the best comedy club in London is to take a look at their sites for yourself. While clubs are obviously a physical business, their websites are usually an important part of how they present themselves and can often give you details that you would not have easy access to otherwise.

These websites are also updated by the people who run the club, meaning that they should be accurate for things like prices, comedian lineups, or anything else that other websites might get wrong.

Use Reviews

If you want more details about a club, then reviews are a good place to turn to. Most reviews give you an outside look at what a specific club offers and can tell you what kind of experiences past customers have had there.

This can be important for clubs that are not as well-known, giving you a good look at the kind of experience they offer. Of course, a smaller club is also a lot less likely to have a deep pool of reviews to draw from, so doing your own research can be just as important.


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