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How To Maintain Your Watch

How To Maintain Your Watch

Watches are perfectly designed to stand the test of time when taken care of well.

June 2nd, 2020

Watches are perfectly designed to stand the test of time when taken care of well. However, you can expect high quality replica watches to experience normal wear and tear. For such, you are advised to have your watch serviced after every few years. There are various things that can lead to damage of the watches. Some damage can be irreparable, while in other cases, the watch can require extensive and expensive repair. Such actions include:

  • Dropping the watch regularly: This is a very easy way of damaging the watch. The damage can result from a fall from a high or short drop on to a hard surface. Collision with a hard surface when wearing a watch can also result in expensive damage. If there is any potential damage from an activity that you are engaging in, it is advisable to take it off to keep it safe.
  • Wrong settings of functions: The movement and gears on your watch can be damaged when you set the settings wrong. If you are having trouble with this exercise, you can refer to the instructions manual to know when and how the settings need to be done.
  • Storage: How you store the watch when you are not using it matters. When the watch is put in extremely hot or cold surfaces, it can result in damages. Also, a quick change of temperature in the storage area can cause some parts of the watch to contract or expand, which can lead to malfunction. Heat can result in a dried out lubricant, causing friction. It is good to ensure that you store the watch at room temperature to avoid such cases.
  • When you wind the watch on the wrist: You may find it easy and convenient to wind the watch on the wrist after you have worn it. This is not recommended as it can cause more harm to the watch. You can pull the crown accidentally if you do so or over wind, causing stress to the movement. It is good practice to remove the watch to set and wind it.
  • When you expose the watch to magnetic fields: The escapement regulates how your watch oscillates, keeping the proper time. A magnetic field can affect the escapement causing it to be erratic or seize up. Do not put your watch on speakers and radios as well as other electronic devices such as tablets and smartphones. This prevents any damage to the watch’s movement. Watches contain an anti-magnetic feature rated in Gauss. The unit of measurements for magnetism is referred to as Gauss.
  • Aligning the pushers incorrectly: You want to make sure that you wind the watch correctly and make sure the pushers are well-aligned. Make sure you take the time to understand the features on your phone. This way, you will be able to push the pusher properly and avoid affecting the complications. You can go through the watch’s manual to familiarize yourself with the features and their alignment. This way, you will avoid expensive repair work.

With those few guidelines, you can keep your watch well maintained and pass it down generations.

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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