After spending a lot of time indoors during the Winter, many of us start to feel a bit of cabin fever. We grow tired of our homes and feel the overwhelming desire to spend more time outside or change everything about our homes. If you’ve grown a bit tired of the way things are set up around your home, Spring is the perfect time to make some changes. Spring is all about rebirth and new life, so you might as well give your home a bit of a freshening. With that in mind, here are just a few ways you can make your home feel like new this Spring.

Clean and Organize It

First up, you should take some time to really give your home a thorough cleaning. It’s hard to make a home feel like new if there’s dust or clutter every where. So to start, go from room to room and really give it a good cleaning. Move the furniture out of the way and vacuum the floors, dust all the surfaces, and wipe down the windows. Take a weekend to give your home the best cleaning it has had in years.

While you’re doing this, now is a good time to organize your home as well. Chances are you have a bunch of stuff around your home that you really no longer need. Closets, basements and attics can all become cluttered over time, so you need to go through everything and see what you want to get rid of. Getting rid of unwanted items is a key step towards making your home feel like new.

Once you have a pile of things you want to get rid of, decide how you want to do so. You could host a yard sale, donate them to charity, sell the items online, or simply throw them away. The choice is yours, and it’ll depend on how much time you have. However you decide to do it, the key is to get rid of as much as possible, so don’t be afraid to be a little harsh on your possessions.

Home Maintenance Projects

Next, you’ll want to focus on those little home maintenance projects that you’ve been putting off. We all have those small things that go wrong over time, and we just never seem to find time to take care of them. Maybe you have some light bulbs that need replacing, or a leaky faucet, or your HVAC filter needs replacing.

Now is the time when you want to tackle all these small home maintenance projects. Make a list of everything you want to get done, then go through one by one and cross them off when you finish. At the end you’ll feel proud at the long list of small tasks you’ve accomplished, and your home will have a sense of order returned to it.

Larger Home Improvement Projects

Now is also a good time to handle those larger home improvement projects you’ve had your eye on. Maybe you’ve wanted to replace the carpeting in your living room, or remodel your bathroom, or paint the walls in your bedroom. Whatever it is, you’ve been finding one excuse or another to not do it for a while now, but finally acting could greatly benefit your home.

For example, the color of your walls plays a big role in how that room makes you feel. According to these Denver house painters, “You might not give a great deal of thought to the color of your room, but it can have a real impact on you and your family”. For instance, an orange room might give you more energy, making it perfect for a workout room, while a blue color will help relax you, making it ideal for bedrooms.

Major home improvement projects aren’t always easy, but if you take time to plan out what you want to do, chances are you’ll be very happy with the results. So, start thinking about what it is you want to do, then develop a plan of action to make it happen this Spring.

Don’t Forget the Outside

Finally, to help make your home feel like new, you should also think about the outside. Spend some time planting new flowers in a garden or fixing up your patio area. With the warm weather on its way, you’ll want to start spending some more time outside. By fixing up your yard now you can give yourself a great place to spend some time and really make the most out of the Spring weather. Here are a few ideas on how to improve your yard if you need help getting started.

Bring Your Home Back to Life

Don’t settle for living in a home that feels stale and old. With just a few simple changes and a decent amount of time set aside, you can make your home feel like new again. With the weather changing outside and the trees and flowers coming back to life, Spring is the perfect time to tackle these home improvement projects. So, get started today and bring back that new feeling to your home.


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