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How to Make Your New Flat Feel Like Home on a Shoestring Budget

Whether you are renting your new apartment on a long-term lease or have recently taken the plunge and now have your foot

Whether you are renting your new apartment on a long-term lease or have recently taken the plunge and now have your foot on the property ladder for the first time, making the space feel like home is of optimum priority.

With that being said, here is how to make your new flat feel like home on a shoestring budget.

Declutter Every Room

First, even in the smallest and most intimate of spaces, there is a simple way of creating more space without having to have the building extended, and this is to maintain a clutter-free living space.

Smart storage options, such as open shelving on the wall that maximise the use of wall space, mean that you do not have to throw away your precious belongings, just store them away neatly and tidily moving forward.

Indoor Plants

Another exceedingly affordable way of injecting some vibrancy and fun into your interior living spaces is to include various indoor plants.

Now, in order to not waste your hard-earned money and, of course, to preserve the life of the plants in your care, not only should you be making sure you are regularly watering and feeding them, but you also need to choose the right plants for the right rooms.

The following simple guide will help:

  • Living Room: Fiddle-Leaf Fig, Calathea Medallion, and Peace Lilies
  • Kitchen: English Ivy, Spider Plant, Snake Plant, and Aloe Vera
  • Bathroom: Boston Fern, Elephant Ears, ZZ Plant and Peace Lilies
  • Bedroom: Pothos, Chrysanthemums, Peace Lilies and Dracaena
  • Hallway: Dragon Tree, Umbrella Plant, Areca Palm and Kentia Palm

Look Into Different Payment Methods

Next, as much as you feel you may need the latest trending artwork by a leading artist hanging over the fireplace in your new flat, you need to be realistic and realise that, at least for now, this is simply not an option.

However, there are certain key items of furniture and several appliances without which you cannot feasibly live in your new home, and as you are unable to buy these items outright, it is time to explore other options.

Pay monthly sofas from a reputable and renowned supplier are an excellent way of being able to have an aesthetically pleasing and luxurious feeling seating area in the living room, for example, so definitely find out more.

Check Social Media for Bargains

Finally, you also need to check out social media sites, specifically Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace, for a wide range of furniture, both for inside and outside the property, and smaller items of home decor.

Simple tips for buying furniture and other larger items online from social media sites need to be adhered to, such as thoroughly checking the recent reviews and profiles of any seller you are interested in and always having someone accompany you when collecting the item from the seller’s home.

In addition, make sure you conduct a full inspection of the item before handing over your money, and always use a secure payment method.