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  • How to Pack: Tips for Packing Jewellery While Traveling
How to Pack: Tips for Packing Jewellery While Traveling

How to Pack: Tips for Packing Jewellery While Traveling

How to Pack: Tips for Packing Jewelry While Traveling

December 16th, 2022

Whether you're preparing for a long trip abroad, a winding road journey, or lots of beach adventures, you might be wondering what jewelry to pack, what to leave behind, and how to pack it. If you ask us, jewelry is a must-pack for a trip.

But you might want to stop packing for a moment and consider whether it's safe to bring your most valuable items with you. Taking extra care is essential when traveling with jewelry. Whether you're flying to another state or another continent with jewelry, it's important to keep it safe, so it doesn't get broken or stolen

You should only throw your favorite jewelry in your suitcase without a second thought. Even if you are packing at the last minute, you still have time to make sure your jewelry is safe. You likely already have things around the house that could be used to make a jewelry travel case.

We'll give you tips on how to pack and move your jewelry so that it doesn't cause any trouble.

Things to Bring and Leave at Home

No matter where you go or how long you stay away, remember that a vacation is a respite from your normal routine and worries. The general guideline for leisure travel is to avoid bringing anything you would be concerned about losing. It's advisable to leave valuables at home unless they're essential to your attire for a particular trip occasion or have a high monetary or emotional significance.

However, this does not imply that all jewelry should be left at home. Thefts of jewelry are a big business. In the 20 years between 2002 and 2021, jewelry companies in the United States lost a total of $2.2 billion due to crimes. Be extra careful about what you choose to pack with you. A trip is a perfect opportunity to add inexpensive basics to your jewelry collection and accessorize.

Most of the time, stick with a few neutral accessories that go with many different ensembles, such as little hoop or stud earrings, a small pendant, and a chain-link bracelet. Add a couple of wacky statement pieces as well, though. They will dress up even your most casual vacation attire. Additionally, since you only wear inexpensive jewelry, you probably have the money to be fashionable.

The Precious Wedding Ring

What about your engagement ring and wedding band? Wedding rings are often made with precious and semi-precious gemstones, and you cannot afford to lose them. It's frequently advisable to leave your engagement ring at home and simply wear your more understated wedding band, depending on your destination and activities. (If your wedding band is more extravagant or flashy, do the opposite.)

According to a report by FMI, nearly 85% of all gemstone sales come from jewelry and ornaments, most of which are rings with gemstones on them. This is mostly because people are done with the basic rings and have jumped on the bandwagon of customization.

Gems and jewelry that are made to order have become popular in recent years. This is giving players in the gemstones market high-potential growth opportunities. Considering this, you want to avoid taking a risk with something so precious.

Make sure you either leave it in a safe spot at home or travel, being very careful. Do not wear the engagement ring if you are going out in the wild, and there is a chance that it will slip off. If you haven't already, now is a good opportunity to set up jewelry insurance for any expensive jewelry you do decide to bring on your trip.

How to Travel with Jewels

You've chosen the jewelry you'll bring after considering your travel itinerary. Maybe you've spread out all of your bangles and necklaces on your bed, and they're starting to tangle. How will they ever get everything to your destination tidy, clean, and untangled?

Take into account these strategies when bringing jewelry on vacation.

Jewelry travel case: If you travel regularly, it can be wise to spend money on a jewelry travel case. (These are also referred to as jewelry rollers or travel organizers.) A good travel jewelry bag doesn't have to be expensive; it just needs to have compartments to keep your particular jewelry pieces organized and free from tangles and scratches.

Drinking straws: To prevent necklace chains from tangling, thread one end through each straw before fastening the clasp. To keep your necklaces secure, put all the straws in a toothbrush holder. Do you additionally wear one or more bulky necklaces with your outfit? Use a toilet paper tube and carry out the same procedure.

Index cards: To keep earrings organized and simple to locate, poke holes through the index card with a safety pin, insert the earrings, and then secure the backs. The card should be wrapped in a towel before being packed with the rest of your jewelry.

Buttons: Using buttons, you may keep earring sets together when traveling and at home. One pair of earrings can be threaded through each button's hole, and larger buttons should be used. The buttons you intend to bring should be placed in a small ziplock bag or wrapped in a little fabric when packing for a vacation for increased security.

Small plastic bags: You know those little, sealable plastic packets you frequently receive with cheap jewelry? Save them in case you need to pack your jewels in them. Silver jewelry is the most tarnish-prone. Keep silver earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings properly arranged and not touching one another in a well-ventilated area.

Place one piece of jewelry in each bag to keep everything orderly and free of tangling. Place a larger ziplock bag for transport after placing all the small plastic bags inside it. Check your neighborhood craft shop if you still need to get tiny plastic bags. Even simpler, simply open the pantry in your kitchen and take out several zip lock bags that are the size of snack bags.

Bonus Trick: Individual jewelry items should be packed in discarded prescription pill bottles, which should then be placed in a larger ziplock bag. If you have young children, you probably have a collection of small, sealed plastic bowls or snack cups. These are ideal for keeping bulkier bracelets, necklaces, or earrings, as well as a collection of button earring sets wrapped in a little cloth.

The last few things to follow as a rule of thumb, pack your jewelry in your carry-on bag if you're flying. Bags that are checked have a substantially higher likelihood of going missing. Also, remember that you are on vacation to unwind, have fun, and escape from your routine. Go minimal on jewelry to have maximum fun.

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