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How to Understand Body Language of Your Pet?

How to Understand Body Language of Your Pet?

Owning a pet is a dream come true for many people out there. Dogs or cats are the most common animals that you will find in many homes.

April 15th, 2019

Owning a pet is a dream come true for many people out there. Dogs or cats are the most common animals that you will find in many homes. But do most of these pet keepers give them the attention they deserve or yearn for? For your pet, whether a dog or a cat to stay happy and a loyal companion, you need to treat it well.

It is not that easy to handle a pet back at home as many people may think. You will have to train and reinforce good habits in your pet, and it is not an easy task. Ensuring your dog or cat is comfortable is a major interaction fixture that will determine how your relationship blossoms. Understanding the body language of your pet is one the best way to a positive relationship reinforcement. Having the best dog treats for bad breath on hand is one of the best ways to establish a long-lasting relationship.

Your dog is not just a domestic pet but also a best friend. Dogs act as companions, keep you busy, and even aid alleviate stress and anxiety. Significantly, you should always listen to them as they use their body and faces to express and communicate their feelings. The body language of your favourite pet encompasses an elaborate system of nonverbal communication that you should try to comprehend.

Understanding Body Language of Your Dog – What to Know

If you are not well-conversant with how dogs communicate or express themselves, you will find it hard to read the general body language of your pet. Different dog breeds exhibit varied body language and use complex gestures to depict their desires and thoughts.

To easily understand the body language of your dog, you have to pay attention to the dog’s face, ears, tails, hair and the general body posture.

Dog faces

The different dog breeds that you will come across have varied face shapes and sizes. The facial expression of your dog can communicate and express a lot about the dog’s mental well-being. Dogs can make gestures using their eyes and mouth. For instance;

  • The eyes

A relaxed dog will have normal eye shape even though some dogs have round eyes, while others have almond-shaped eyes. A fearful dog’s eyes will look larger than normal depicting a feeling of being agitated.

The direction of a dog’s gaze will also speak a lot to you. A dog will have “whale eye” if there is a toy around or the dog is chewing a bone.

  • The Mouth

Even though dogs cannot talk like their handlers, they can still use their mouth to express their feelings. For instance, a frightened dog will keep his mouth closed and give a submissive look and move his lips vertically while showing their canines and incisors.

Dog Tail

Your dog will use his tail to communicate and in different ways. For instance, if a dog is tail wagging, it is happy and will look calm. At such a moment your dog will wag its tail sideward.

However, if your dog feels nervous and scared, it will lower its tail and tuck it in between its legs as well as place it tightly against its belly. An alert dog will hold its tail in a higher position than normal and hold it firmly.

Dog Ears

Dogs have different types of ears that also vary depending on their breeds. Notably, the size and shape of your dog’s ears will determine how well it communicates its needs and desires.

A relaxed dog will hold its ears in a natural position and raise them whilst moving them in the direction of the action when alert.

A frightened and submissive dog will stick out its ears and raise them and pull them backwards when happy and friendly.

Dog hair

A scared or frightened dog will feel susceptible to danger and will raise its hair along its spine.This appearance or gesture will also convey a message that the dog is also excited in a way.

Other notable dog body signs to keep in mind include yawning when your dog is tired and stressed. Your dog will try to hug another pet when it wants to show affection and a feeling of comfort. Your dog will also pant or drool if nervous or stressed.

To Sum Up

A dog is an important pet to own. But you should always make sure your dog is happy, relax and comfortable. A dog will use elusive gestures to express its feelings and communicate its desires. Therefore, it is significant to understand the body language of your dog breed and you will have the best companion you have been wishing for at your abode. Don’t forget to always have the best treats for your dog at your disposal.

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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