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In Conversation with Hannah Pines : Bridging the Gap Between Fashion and Femininity with Joyelle Collection

Join us for an inspiring conversation on creating versatile, soul-stirring pieces that empower women to embrace beauty in their everyday lives.

Amidst the bustling tapestry of the fashion realm, emerges a visionary, a trailblazer poised to revolutionise the way we perceive and embrace women’s attire. Meet Hannah Pines, the dynamic founder and designer behind Joyelle Collection. With a career adorned by years spent navigating the fashion industry’s labyrinth, Hannah discerned a gap, a yearning unmet.

Why was it an arduous quest to unearth garments meticulously tailored for the female form yet versatile enough to seamlessly accompany the ebb and flow of everyday life? This very question sowed the seeds of transformation. Sewing her own creations, Hannah discovered a remarkable synergy – a blend of practicality and a soul-stirring connection to her own femininity, artfully interwoven in the fabric of her designs. A journey that started with a needle and thread soon evolved into an impassioned mission: to create apparel that answers the desires of women across the spectrum.

Emerging from the vibrant tapestry of New York City, Hannah’s odyssey led her to the sun-soaked shores of Los Angeles, where she gave birth to Joyelle Collection. This curated array of contemporary essentials is not just clothing; it’s an invitation to celebrate unapologetic femininity in its myriad facets. These designs are imbued with a profound purpose – to liberate women from waiting for those elusive “special moments” and instead encourage them to adorn themselves with pieces they cherish, each and every day.

In this exclusive feature with House of Coco Magazine, delve into Hannah’s world – a realm where romantic silhouettes fuse with pragmatic versatility, creating an aura of empowerment and enchantment. Embark on a journey of inspiration as Hannah unravels her motivation, shares her triumphs, and delves into the very essence of Joyelle Collection. The ordinary metamorphoses into the extraordinary under her deft touch, a testament to the harmonious coexistence of beauty, functionality, and the spirit’s yearning for expression.

Join us as we uncover the heart and soul behind Joyelle Collection – a fusion of fashion and feminism that invites women to embody their essence and redefine their connection with clothing. Get ready to be enchanted, uplifted, and inspired by the journey of a visionary determined to redefine the narrative of women’s wear…

Could you please share the inspiration behind the Joyelle Collection and what prompted you to initiate the brand?

The inception of the brand was primarily motivated by a void I recognised in my personal wardrobe for adaptable, sustainable clothing that retained an aura of femininity and empowerment, aligning with my inherent romantic disposition. As a young adult, I often resorted to men’s shirts and sweaters due to the ill-fitting nature of women’s wear on my tall and broad frame. However, these garments failed to resonate with my feminine essence. I discerned a need for a harmonious balance in my attire – a way to amalgamate practicality and wearability with my womanly curves.

How would you describe the quintessence of the Joyelle woman? What traits does she epitomise?

The contemporary society grapples with a dichotomy between the rapid exhilaration of accomplishments and the unhurried bliss of romance. The quintessential Joyelle woman is an advocate of equilibrium. She chases her aspirations while consistently embracing the art of loving freely, giving wholeheartedly, and beckoning others into her world, abundant with beauty. These expressions of romance needn’t always be in the context of relationships; they could be as simple as pausing to bask in a sunset, savouring the fragrance of a flower, or extending warm gratitude to a helping hand.

Joyelle Collection endeavours to amalgamate romantic femininity with pragmatic modernity. How do you manage to strike this balance within your designs?

I ardently believe that each of us possesses a balance of masculine and feminine energies. While not an absolute rule, masculine attributes are often perceived as structured, action-oriented, and utilitarian, juxtaposed with the fluidity, receptiveness, and benevolence inherent in femininity.

These distinctions manifest in clothing through straight lines and functional cuts associated with masculine energy, in contrast to the flowing fabrics and curved lines representing feminine energy. In this collection, I sought to harmonise these energies, showcasing how feminine attributes can be augmented naturally through masculine features. For instance, a feminine waistline is curated by melding a well-structured bodice with a full skirt. Adjustable ties, besides serving practicality, enhance waistlines or busts when cinched proficiently. Meticulous attention to these facets propels me towards achieving equilibrium in my designs.

What sets Joyelle Collection apart from other women’s clothing brands prevalent in the market?

Joyelle Collection stands as a proponent of slow fashion, charting a deviation from the hurried pace of contemporary fashion cycles. Rooted in a timeless ideology that marries utilitarian clothing with the pursuit of feminine expression, our pieces promise enduring appeal for years. Our design ethos revolves around the longevity of garments, marked by the use of sustainable fabrics and collaboration with local manufacturers to ensure the zenith of quality. I’m convinced that our approach distinguishes us, aspiring for women to harness our designs as a conduit to unveil their latent or overlooked inner romanticism, hidden within the cadence of everyday practicality.

Can you elucidate the concept of “clothing as an extension of the soul” and its influence on Joyelle Collection’s designs?

We’ve all encountered attires that just don’t align with our identity. The notion of clothing as an extension of the soul postulates that our identity transcends the physical realm, an identity articulated through our choices and how we present ourselves. When sculpting Joyelle Collection pieces, I intertwine stylistic elements associated with romance and whimsy, forging a bond with a woman’s soul. My intention is to proffer women a sense of harmony between their external reality and the innate beauty of their concealed soul – a resonance that engenders the sentiment, “this is me!”

Amid swiftly changing trends, how do you ensure the timelessness and enduring charm of Joyelle Collection’s designs?

In my estimation, a design can claim timelessness if it emanates an enduring elegance and wearability that sustains its allure across fluctuating trends. While sundress features may have undergone transformation over the decades, the quintessential appeal remains as we unfailingly gravitate toward them each spring. In our recent collection, inspiration was drawn from the styles sported by 1950s luminaries like Grace Kelly and Brigitte Bardot, infusing a contemporary spin into the designs.

Could you guide us through the process of conceiving a new piece for Joyelle Collection? How do you select the silhouette, details, and craftsmanship?

The birth of each design is steeped in comprehensive research. I begin by assimilating the prevalent fashion aesthetics, juxtaposing them with enduring variations that are bound to withstand the test of time. My focus then turns to styles that are both rare and sought-after, recognising these as the cravings of other women. Once a selection is made from the styles I personally desire in my wardrobe, the phase of sketching and fabric sampling commences. The objective is to devise solutions for gaps I’ve spotted in the market, be it adjustability, quality, or fit. After prototyping a design with diverse fabrics, refinements are introduced in collaboration with my pattern maker. Wearing the prototype around town, I gather feedback from strangers. I recollect refining the Bailey shorts seven times before actual production, while the Joyelle Dress gained my confidence only after constant inquiries about its origin. The entire process maintains an intimate connection with local craftsmanship, with hands-on attention to stitching and fit, assuring parity with the pattern. In essence, if I’m not smitten with a design, it never advances to production.

What obstacles did you confront during the inception of Joyelle Collection, and how did you surmount them?

The emergence of the pandemic in 2020 led to an inexplicable thought – “it’s time to establish a fashion brand!” Logically, the timing was far from opportune, with clothing production grinding to a halt and societal values veering towards unhurried, organic living. Yet, I perceived an alignment of altered values among women – a fertile ground for a slow-fashion brand like mine to flourish. This journey, though, was fraught with challenges that birthed frustration and tears, assuaged by the encouragement of my supporters. The hurdles spanned from effectively conveying designs to the pattern maker to discovering a manufacturing facility capable of delivering quality at an accessible cost for customers. Amidst these setbacks, the vision remained vivid, impelling me to persevere. Navigating unique challenges, I discovered that unwavering belief in one’s mission, coupled with adaptability, forms the crux of surmounting obstacles. Equally vital is the recognition that behind the fashion industry’s façade reside dedicated individuals translating vision into reality, deserving equal reverence, grace, and attention.

Retrospectively, since the brand’s inception, would you approach things differently?

My belief in life’s guiding design drives me to accept every experience as an instructive chapter, even if it chronicles “what not to do.” Given the chance to revisit the inception, I would embark on a smaller scale. Instead of endeavouring to realise my entire vision at once, I’d focus on exploring a singular style. As someone perpetually immersed in possibilities, I grapple with the challenge of streamlining ideas. The entrepreneurial journey has taught me the significance of distilling and prioritising my finest concepts, an integral facet of the process.

Could you share anecdotes of success or feedback from Joyelle Collection customers who have unearthed happiness and confidence through your designs?

Certainly! A myriad of women who typically bypass dresses have been pleasantly surprised by the Joyelle Dress. Witnessing them revel in newfound beauty and femininity is immensely gratifying. Our core objective is to empower women to delve into their romantic spirits. A gracious reviewer eloquently encapsulated this sentiment: “I sense an innate yearning for twirly dresses within all of us, and this one is the epitome of twirliness – I feel akin to a princess.” Such feedback substantiates our mission’s fulfilment, validating that we’re treading the intended path.

As the founder and designer, what is your vision for Joyelle Collection’s future? How do you envision the brand evolving in the coming years?

My vision for Joyelle Collection encompasses its evolution into a romantic lifestyle brand. While refraining from divulging too much, collaborations with artists to craft featured collections enchant me. As an avid host, envisioning a homeware collection stands as a future aspiration.

In your perspective, what role does fashion assume in empowering women and facilitating authentic self-expression?

Fashion harbours the potential to nurture self-love through the seemingly mundane act of dressing. Adorning oneself should be an enjoyable voyage, offering an avenue to explore facets of one’s personality. Simultaneously, clothing profoundly shapes self-perception, a phenomenon known as the “self-fulfilling prophecy.” The maxim “dress for success” often reverberates in professional spheres, transcending its domain to signify “attire for the desired reality.” For Joyelle Collection, this reality encapsulates women’s embrace of their feminine essence, empowering them to pursue and cultivate romance in their lives.

Where do you consider home?

My current abode resides in Los Angeles, California. While my upbringing occurred near New York City, I’ve developed a preference for the constant sunshine the West Coast bestows.

Our readers possess a penchant for travel. Could you pinpoint the apex of your travel wish list?

Choosing a singular destination is arduous! Nonetheless, Greece claims the pinnacle. Gazing upon the white edifices of Santorini, savouring coastal panoramas, and immersing in the profound historical legacy resonate with me. Additionally, the prospect of savouring olives at their source – where they’re nurtured and cured – evokes immense allure.

Our readers love to travel, what destination is at the top of your bucket list?

This is difficult! I would have to say Greece. I would love to see the white buildings of Santorini, relish the gorgeous seaside views and experience the incredible history firsthand. I am also a huge fan of olives and it would be such a treat to try them right where they are grown and cured!