When you think about Japanese food you probably think about sushi, but have you ever thought about Japanese desserts? Believe it or not, Japanese sweets have been famous since ancient times. They are not only attractive to the eye but their sweet flavor is one of the best flavors you will get when it comes to desserts. No matter the season of the year, you will always find a different Japanese dessert that represents each season.

Japanese desserts are always creatively and deliciously made. There are many types of desserts you should know about and here we can give you an idea of which would be the best desserts to try.

Momiji Manju is a dessert original from Miyajima. This dessert is a mix of dough, flour, water, sugar starch and filling that is boiled together and it gives us a result of one of the best desserts you can ever try in Japan. They are always served cold and most of the time they have a maple leaf shape. They can be filled up with different things depending on the customer´s tastes. The feelings can include cream cheese, red bean paste, chocolate or custard cream. Children love this dessert not only for its taste but also for its texture, they are soft to the touch which makes them easy to digest.

Another famous Japanese dessert is called Honey Toast. This is a curious and unique Japanese dessert made with the top end of a Japanese milk bread loaf. The process is fairly simple, which includes removing the soft part of the bread and then cut it up into small cubes which are later either fried or toasted in the oven. The shell that you have aside is toasted separately. When the cubes are ready, they are put back into the shell. Once the shell is filled with the cubes, condensed milk and honey are added on top of it. People usually put the topping they want but the most common toppings are whipped cream, fruit ice cream or candy. This is a big dessert that it’s too much just for one person. It is a tradition in Japan to share this desert between friends or family.

A dessert that you can find anywhere you go is the Mitarashi Dango. This is a delicious dessert with an unusual flavor. A Dango is a round shape dumpling made of rice flour. These dumplings are later put on a stick usually in trees, fours or fives. They can have different colors such as green, white, pink, and, orange but no matter which color they have, they will always taste the same. What makes a Mitarashi Dango different from others is that it has a soy sauce glaze coating on the outside providing a perfect balance of sweet and savory in every bite.

If you like eating bread for dessert, you will love The Melon Pan. This is a sweet bun that is original from Japan. It is called like this because it’s outer part looks like a cantaloupe. The top of the bread is crispy and it has a soft inside. Of course, it doesn’t have the flavor of melon and you can find it either with chocolate chips or nuts depending on the place where you buy it. You can also get it with flavored cream fillings.

A good dessert for kids is that Taiyaki. This is a fish-shaped cake that is usually made of pancake or waffle batter. It is made on two different molds because the filling has to be inserted in between. Once the filling is ready the two parts are closed and put to bake until it gets its golden color.

If you love eating strange desserts the Anmitsu would be the desert you have always been looking for. This dessert is usually eaten for summer and it is made of small cubes of agar jelly. This is a transparent jelly that is made from red algae. This dessert is served in a bowl and it comes with black syrup that you are supposed to pour over it. Before you eat it, can add all kinds of fruit to it such as Peaches, cherries, pineapples, or Kiwi. Most of the time, it also includes boiled peas or bean paste.

We all love ice cream and Japanese desserts have it. Kakigori is a type of shaved ice that is sweetened with artificial flavors. You can get it in strawberry, melon, grape, Lemon, Cherry or vanilla and it can be made with milk or with water. If you are the kind of person that avoids dairy, this is the perfect dessert for you. You can top this delicious dessert with different kinds of fruits such as berries, cherries, strawberries and even with sweet red beans.

At last but not least you should try the Japanese pancakes. This type of Pancakes is so soft that whenever you eat them it will be like eating a fluffy cloud. We all love pancakes. We have eatenthem for many years at Dessert restaurant in Toronto. We always keep on looking for the best pancakes now as adults. Japanese pancakes are not like the western pancakes that we know. They are not flattened and instead they are pillowing and soft. These delicious pancakes can we filled with cream cheese, chocolate or anything you want. You just have to be creative whenever you’re making a Japanese dessert.


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