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Is Music College for Me?

Is Music College for Me?

Is Music College for Me?

January 31st, 2023

In the middle of your high school curriculum, figuring out what college to attend and choosing a rewarding and enjoyable major can be quite a task. You would naturally want to focus on something that will span the whole of your working years ahead. Amidst this, you might wonder if you should go to a music college as there are a lot of other options for you to venture into. "But I already know how to play or sing!" "Why should I spend money on a music degree?" Let us tell you, a music degree in college will broaden your horizon in a way that will be an investment for your career. Apart from attaining mastery of piano, guitar, drums, singing in no time, and more, music college can set you up for great success financially and mentally. In this article, we will talk about why you should be attending a music college.

Reasons to Attend a Music College

● Do What You Love

According to many undergraduate music students, choosing to major in music was the best decision. If you are passionate about music, you can spend a lot of your time practicing your craft. Of course, you can fulfill your general education requirements and take other disciplines alongside them. But you will get to play your favorite instrument, learn about the history of music in theory and practice, and perform with your fellow classmates and professors with similar and diverse interests. When you turn your passion and hobby into a major, you are building a career that will bring you enjoyment and success.

● Great Professional Opportunities

Not everyone can have professional access as a composer, singer, educator, or director of music. For that, you will need credentials. Hence getting into a music college will open doors for greater opportunities when it comes to education, performance, and composition. Many high-paying opportunities, including music session work, are only available to degree holders.

● Do Financially Great

In fear of failing and not making enough money to live a successful and comfortable life, many students deter away from pursuing their dreams of studying music in a college and earning a degree. There is a common misconception that getting a music degree is not a practical option. Hence many prospective musicians go for different academic disciplines. But a music degree can open many doors of opportunities in various industries and subfields. From composing video game soundtracks to teaching music at famous music academies, one can only get access to a lavish life in music if they have a degree in it. There are also many music studios that offer session work to musicians who have degrees.

● Travel Opportunities

There are maybe only a handful of people in this world who don't like traveling! You can go for student exchange programs offered by different universities to study music systems and instruments of various nations around the world. From learning how to play the Finnish kantele and Chinese Pipa to getting your hands on the Brazilian Cavaquinho and Japanese Taiko, you will not only learn new instruments to play but also get to travel across nations.

● It Will Help You Graduate

A music major can give you a solid foundation for graduating from school with flying colors. If you decide to get a doctorate or a master's degree in the future you will have strong fundamental skills in your discipline with a music major. Moreover, there are many bachelor's degree programs that offer liberal arts foundations which can be an amazing stepping stone to graduate programs like history, counseling, and religious studies.

Going to college and earning a degree is one of the biggest milestones for every human being and this decision should be treated with utmost importance. You might get a lot of negative questions like "how do you plan to earn a decent living?" or "do you think this is a real job?" But guess what? There are so many successful musicians like Kurt Rosenwinkel who went to Berklee College of Music and say how attending the music college was the best decision ever. Kurt Rosenwinkel was able to develop many fruitful relationships at Berklee.

Of course, there are a lot of performers and songwriters who did not earn a music degree. But going to one will most likely broaden your horizon and show for itself whether this career line is for you or not. As you get to associate and study with people with completely different musical interests, you will learn new things every day and bring those learnings into building a successful life in music.

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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