As the summer approaches and the weather gets warmer, more and more people will take this opportunity to bask in the sun and enjoy the heat. It isn’t a secret that the sun is incredibly dangerous, but this doesn’t stop people from taking their health into their own hands and failing to protect themselves from these harmful rays. Your skin is an important line of defense against solar radiation, so follow these six tips to keep it strong and protected.

1. Find a Sunscreen You Are Happy to Wear

The most obvious solution to protecting your skin from the sun without preventing you from enjoying the summer is to wear sunscreen. Unfortunately, many people ignore this advice either due to a desire to develop a suntan or due to the physical discomfort of wearing a layer of sunscreen. This is why you should take the time to sample different products and find the ones that you are happy to wear and reapply regularly.

2. Choose Clothing to Protect Your Skin

To stay cool without risking sunburn, wear clothes that are both lightweight and that adequately cover your body. White linen, for example, is a popular choice during a hot summer for its cooling and protective abilities. A wide-brimmed hat and UV-resistant sunglasses are also an ideal part of your protective outfit.

3. Remember the Often-Overlooked Areas

Some parts of the body are easily missed when applying sunscreen. The lips, around the eyes, all around the neck, and the ankles must be sufficiently covered either by sunscreen or suitable clothing.

4. Consult a Skincare Professional

If you are concerned about how to keep your skin safe, get in touch with someone who can provide expert advice. Dermatologists are qualified to make healthy suggestions for you and your skin. If you don’t have time to see your GP in person at an appointment, take a look at and talk to a doctor remotely about being referred to dermatology. You will be able to discuss your specific worries with an expert. They may also recommend specific products or treatments for you.

5. Take Note of Changes to the Appearance of Your Skin

Any changes to your skin should be addressed as soon as you spot them. New marks should be assessed by a dermatologist to determine whether or not they are potentially cancerous. Sun exposure can cause melanoma, so keep an eye on your skin to catch symptoms early.

6. Don’t Spend Too Long in the Sun

One of the best ways to protect yourself and your skin from sun damage is to limit how much time you spend in direct sunlight. Look for shade, and don’t spend all day in the rays if you have the option to go indoors. Although it is tempting to soak up the sun and enjoy the good weather, remember that your long-term health should be your priority.

Use these six simple tips to keep your skin healthy in the short and long term. While there are plenty of health benefits to spending time outdoors and in the sunshine, you should also take precautions to stay safe.


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