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Long Haul Carry-on Essentials

Here’s a carry-on packing list for your next long haul flight.

Packing for your next getaway? As more of us are leaning towards carry-on only, to avoid long wait times or lost luggage – every square inch in our personal bags/suitcases matter.

I recently traveled 20 hours to Mauritius. For the record, the journey spanned two flights starting in Vancouver, Canada to London, UK then on to Port Louis, Mauritius. For my 6 night excursion on the other side of the world, I expertly packed my carry on all of the resort-ready essentials – everything from pool-side to 5 star dinner.

Here’s a carry-on checklist that will help you get to your next destination unscathed. No matter how long the flight.


On any flight, moisture is key. While it is all about drinking water and avoiding caffeine and alcohol, why not take advantage of the idle time on a long-haul flight and work on your skin care at the same time? Patchology has both On Ice Under Eye Gels and Hydrogel Masks in single use packets.

Pack these AMEŌN Skin Frozen Essence Glow Manifesto Ice Cubes for the night you arrive at your destination. Pop them in the freezer (or surround with ice bucket or glass and put in the fridge) when you arrive and use them throughout your stay. If you tend to get swollen in the heat, you might find this helpful to decompress at night.

Because not all airport lounges are created equal, nor do all of us have access to them – use these Beia Beauty Refresh Wipes to freshen up. Although this will not take the place of a shower, it will make you feel less grimy. Especially if you have back-to-back flights and short layovers.

I’m such a fan of this MD Solar Sciences Mineral BB Crème with SPF 50. It’s lightweight, easy to apply and has natural looking coverage. Moisturizer with a tint does double duty; wear it alone or under makeup.

All sunscreen, all the time. Habit Skin N°41 SPF MISTER brings you a mist that smells wonderful and protects you too. The mist is a nice ultra-fine application, but still gives you SPF 41 broad spectrum.

Since we are on the topic of sunscreen, my favorite body one is NIVEA SUN Protect & Moisture SPF 50+ Lotion. Extremely moisturizing and acts more like straight up lotion. Last year, this saved me while trekking in the Himalayas. The sunscreen comes in a larger (250 ml) and a travel size (100 ml).

Who doesn’t love a good hand sanitizer that won’t liquify in certain temperatures unlike gels? This Saje Hand Sanitizer comes in two sizes and smells of lime and aloe vera. It will also take up less room in your luggage than wipes and is unlikely to dry out too.

Natural Patch Buzz Patch Mosquito Repellent Stickers offer full protection that lasts for 12 hours and wears off over a 24–72-hour period from opening. Don’t worry if the citronella essential oil stickers don’t match your outfit – they are equally effective if you wear them inside your clothes. A great alternative to Deet products.


One could argue that makeup is unnecessary on the flight, but nothing beats a healthy glow when those lights come up indicating the plane is ready for landing.

The ICONIC LONDON Rollaway Glow is a rollerball liquid highlighter with no glitter or shimmer. It’s an instant illuminator which adds radiance and a pearlescent finish. It’s the perfect size to pack and is available in three different shades – Peach Paradise, Rose Potion and Champagne.

Wanting a hint of color with hydration? Try the ICONIC LONDON Melting Touch Lip Balm. Like the name suggests, this magic lip balm just melts on. Available in five shades, my go-to is Love Language.


Have you seen the viral reel with the gal using a sock curler during a flight to obtain the perfect blow-out look upon arrival?

As a person with wavy hair – I get it. I braid my wet hair and use either amika On Lock Hold Hair Wax (to define my curls and for my ends) after it dries on the plane mid-flight. Then before landing I give my hair a good shake upside down as a reset.

During a beach holiday, I love how much volume the salt-air and humidity can give me naturally. Yet I need products to maintain the structure of the curl like the BondiBoost Curl Boss Shampoo and Conditioner.