Wake Up Here: Luxury at Lodore Falls, the Lake District

There’s a Victorian mansion that has sat proudly overlooking Derwentwater for over 200 years, but with a new luxury spa, restaurants and selection of stunning suites, the past here isn’t nearly as relevant as the present. 

The Lodore Falls Hotel and Spa sits on the edge of Keswick’s Lake, a landmark hotel that has been rejuvenated into the oasis it is known for today. The original building has of course been renovated, extended, pulled apart and put back together again many times to house two restaurants, a spa, conservatory, countless lounges and almost 100 bedrooms. 

We visited the place on a couple break, and the first thing you notice is how un-fussily romantic it is. It’s not a big show of white doves and fireworks, it’s slow dancing kissing in the rain… unless you go in the winter then you can almost guarantee snowfall. 

And where’s the most romantic place to go when it’s snowing out? The outdoor pool of course, heated to a temperature just enough to keep things on the PG side of “steamy”. The pool is jewel in the crown that is the Falls Spa, with its treatment rooms, aroma steam room, herbal sauna, ice fountain and drench showers.

If you’re in need of notching up the romance a little, there’s even a Champagne bar actually inside the spa. Now that, is sexy.

The interior of the softly contemporary hotel tells a different story. Windows cover the walls where pictures would usually hang when there’s not such an impressive view on the other side. There is a collection of art too, showing off the area through a series of picture postcards and vintage photos of someones happy memories.

The rooms are neutral, with flashes of bold colour here and there. It’s definitely worth the extra few quid to secure a view of the lake, because after all that’s what you’re here for. If you’re on a blowout, go for a suite for bigger space and a much more decked out room with a Scandi vibe, huge beds and marble bathrooms. Most of the suites come with a balcony too with sweeping views.

There are several dining options, but one restaurant in particular sets the hotel apart from most classic British countryside Victorian hotels. Mizu is an award winning Asian fusion restaurant, blending Japanese, Malaysian and Thai cuisines. The result? A tangy combination of perfection set against a backdrop of contradictions.

We’ve become known to be a little unpredictable, but one thing that will always reign true will be our love for tasting menus. Choosing dishes can sometimes be a bore, and any chef that goes to the effort of creating this type of menu is clearly very, proud of it. Here, there was good reason. For two people, there’s a selection of sushi and sashimi, miso soup with tofu, beef tataki (seared beef with blue cheese and sesame seeds), crispy ginger shrimp. The showstopper is the perfectly tender teriyaki lamb cutlets – served with crispy leeks, fresh chillies on a choice of either sticky rice or yaki soba noodles. Asian cuisine in a countryside location is one of the most refreshing things about this place, and going to bed full has never been so satisfying. 


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