Miami is world famous for its nightlife, white sands and good times. And Miami has never shied away from the big and small screen.

In fact, the list of TV shows and films shot in Miami is endless; from Miami Vice, Dexter, True Lies, and Baywatch, to The Godfather Part II, Only Fools and Horses, and not forgetting the legendary CSI: Miami…yeaaaaaaaaaah.

But on my latest adventure, I got up close and personal on the set of the newest adaptation of the 90s classic Father of the Bride. Little Havana is the hub of Cuban culture in Miami, making it a perfect location for Father of the Bride (2022), starring two of the most renowned Cuban-American actors, Andy Garcia and Gloria Estefan.

This romantic comedy follows the struggles of a father (Andy Garcia) who is coming to terms with his daughter growing up and ultimately leaving the Cuban-American family nest for good. Gloria Estefan plays opposite him as his heartbroken wife, who has decided that divorce is their only option after months of fighting in couples therapy.

The question is: Can they keep that choice from their huge Cuban-American clan until after the wedding celebrations? Well, I’ll leave that for you to watch and see.

But if you have already enjoyed this delightful film that focuses on the unmatched bond shared between a father and daughter, you’ll know the significance of this domino park I am standing in front of.

Domino Park, Little Havana, is deep-rooted in Cuban culture and was one of the first spots to find its home before Little Havana became what it is today. The scenes in the film where Andy Garcia escapes the family’s trials and tribulations to play dominoes are exactly the scenes you will see each day in real life at Domino Park.

It’s a meeting spot for friends, family and strangers to play, converse and pass the time as a community. In the movie, it signifies a beautiful camaraderie between father and daughter as they both figure out who they are and what they want. But also how important were the efforts of the Cuban people who moved their lives to South Florida in hopes of a better future for their families, much like Andy Garcia’s character reminisces on throughout the movie.

It’s clear Domino Park will always be significant in Little Havana’s history.

And while you’re passing through Little Havana, you must stop by Ball & Chain, a bar that is infamous in itself but that can be spotted in the opening scenes of Father of the Bride.

If you want somewhere where live music echoes through the streets on a Monday afternoon while people dance and sing with one another, having only just met, then Ball & Chain will have your heart in seconds. Plus, the mojitos are simply to die for on a hot Miami day.

And don’t worry if you get peckish; Little Havana is packed full of the most authentic Cuban food you could wish for…but I’ll save those secrets for my next article on culinary capers in Miami.

Stay tuned until then,

Demi x


Demi is an aspiring TV & Film writer who is currently studying for a PhD in screenwriting. She works as a freelance writer and loves exploring locations that have been made famous on our screens.

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