If you’re as intrigued by the world of casinos as I am, you’ve probably heard about PAGCOR and POGOs. Well, that’s a lie, I hadn’t heard about them, but I have now.

They’re two massive names in the Philippines and amongst the iGaming community. Read on to learn about them and how they operate.

What is PAGCOR?

My fascination with PAGCOR wasn’t always there, but since writing this article, I’ve been interested in how different regulators manage the gaming sector. If you’re like me, you probably haven’t read about them before this article.

Well, I’d say I’m more interested in how this impacts me as a player.

PAGCOR doesn’t just sit on the sidelines. It’s directly involved in the action, running numerous gaming establishments across the country. It also governs POGO, but more on that in the next section.

I think it’s the massive reach of PAGCOR that gives it the credibility it deserves – my only question is that it isn’t as internationally recognised as the UK Gambling Commission, for example. Does that mean it isn’t as good? Does it mean that an online casino licensed by PAGCOR is any less secure than, say, a casino licensed by the UK Gambling Commission for example? Not!

PAGCOR’s responsibilities are more than operational. They play a crucial role in nation-building. Tons of the money they’re generating ends up funnelled into the Phillipino system. How much of that the government dishes out to residents, I don’t know. I’d like to think it’s a lot.

PAGCOR will regulate:

  • Fair Gaming
  • Casino trade
  • Fair pricing
  • Lots more

And Then, There Are POGOs

POGOs are something we can all probably relate to more – they govern everything happening internationally. If anything, these represent more of the players playing Filipino games.

This outward-facing aspect of the Philippine gaming industry is fascinating. It showcases how local innovation can have global appeal and impact. And it does have a global reach.

The presence of POGOs has transformed the gaming landscape in the Philippines. It’s created a cosmopolitan gaming environment that attracts players and investors from across the globe. What does that mean for the Philippines and the industry? More money. For someone deeply interested in the dynamics of international gaming, the emergence of POGOs is a compelling evolution. I think it’s interesting to learn how different regulatory bodies operate differently and how it can impact me as a player.

Regulatory Oversight: PAGCOR’s Role

PAGCOR’s oversight of POGOs shows how massive it is. And it shows their commitment to upholding international gaming standards. A lot of Filipinos will play offshore games, and internationals play Filipino games.

The authority’s vigilance in monitoring POGO operations reassures players – well, it would for me, anyway. If I were to trust a gambling website, I would trust one in my country over the Philippines. I guess having a regulator managing everything over there would make me feel more comfortable.

And it’s not just about enforcing rules. It’s about shaping a fair industry. As a player, you want to know that every casino is playing by the same rules.

The Economic Impact

Both of them have an economic impact. In my opinion, it’s POGOs that have the bigger economic impact – they’re governing people playing outside of the Philippines. Still, I researched and found that the Philippines iGaming market should double by 2028. So maybe I’m wrong about that. At least for me, it would seem POGO has the biggest economic impact.

But, then again, PAGCOR is a prominent player in the Philippine economy. The revenue generated from PAGCOR’s operations is massive – in 2023, it released figures showing it generated ₱37 billion in revenues in 2023. It’s a massive amount of funds it’ll be channelling back into the economy.

POGO is helping by creating jobs and feeding the international market. More information I found showed POGO generated ₱8.8 billion in tax payments for the Philippine government. That’s almost $161 million.

I’m sure if I’d done more research, I’d have found the economic impact to be even bigger.

Understanding the Player Perspective

I’m a player, so you can take it from me. Now I know the operational focus of PAGCOR and POGOs. I know what I’m getting for a gaming experience. Well, I do if I’m accessing a Filipino gambling website. If you look for it, you, it’s not so tricky to find. It’s the same with all regulators and the rules they impose – but as players, I know we don’t look for them as often. At least knowing they’re there, I feel safer.

Well, technically, it’s POGOs that I’m interested in – remember, they regulate people playing outside of the Philippines. From a player’s perspective, and almost obviously, POGOs are easier to understand. It’s made for people like me.

I hope I’ve made the differences between the two clear. For people living in the Western world, you wouldn’t have known too much about it. But like all the governing bodies for casino gaming, they’re essential regulators for casino gaming in the Philippines.


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