Private Displays Of Affection

Valentine’s Day is here and according to research from our friends over at, the most romantic thing you can do to mark the most loveable day of the year, is to quite literally, get a room!

The UK’s leading hotel booking website conducted a survey that reveals all we want this Valentine’s Day is a surprise night away, with 34 per cent of respondents agreeing this would be the perfect gift.

However, when it comes to public displays of affection (PDA’s), we feel quite strongly, with nearly one in two Londoners (42%) revealing their hatred for smooching in front of strangers. However, in Edinburgh they are on the other side of the ‘PDA’ fence with nearly 90 per cent of people thinking that PDA’s are fine.

Across the UK, over a third of women (39%) were adamant that PDA’s should be kept behind closed doors, while men (37%) believe that it is entirely acceptable. But don’t be expecting an overwhelming response to February 14th from the likes of Liverpool (70%), Belfast (65%) and Glasgow (62%) who think it’s nothing but tosh and commercially over rated.

It’s not just in the streets where we feel we’d most like to shout ‘get a room’ either, as 70 per cent think that you shouldn’t even display your love for ‘bae’ on social networks. That is unless aged between 25-34, as nearly half (42.6%) think a soppy message on Facebook or Twitter is just about acceptable.

It may be tipped as the most romantic day of the year but this doesn’t transfer to the bedroom as over half of us (52.1 per cent) don’t have sex on Valentine’s Day.

Glasgow 25-34 year olds rated watching the soaps with a kebab as the most romantic gesture for the big day and with 46.2 per cent of Scottish folk getting intimate in the bedroom, compared to only 38.3 in London, perhaps there’s clearly something in that.

There’s even better news if you live in Norwich as nearly half of local residents choose to ‘Get a Room’ to celebrate the 14thFebruary. It’s especially popular for 18-24 year olds, with almost one in two (41%) believing it’s the best way to show your significant other that they make you go weak at the knees.

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