In a world where the pursuit of beauty often clashes with health, Rabail, the visionary founder of Husn Beauty, emerges as a beacon of change. Her remarkable journey from a concerned mother and avid researcher to the driving force behind a brand dedicated to redefining beauty as a holistic and health-conscious experience is nothing short of inspiring.

With unwavering determination, she has carved a path towards clean luxury cosmetics, making them accessible to all. In this interview, we delve into the heart and mind of Rabail, discovering the motivations, values, and insights that fuel her mission to promote natural beauty, one nourishing product at a time.

Prepare to be inspired by Rabail’s passion and commitment to a healthier, more inclusive vision of beauty…

What inspired you to start Husn Beauty and embark on a mission to promote natural cosmetics?

I had already eliminated sugar and processed foods from our diet, and I felt reassured by the control we had over the food we consumed. However, it wasn’t always this way.

Let’s rewind to Winter 2013. Countless visits to the doctor had become routine since the change of season. With three young children and a baby, this might seem normal, right?

Visits to the hospital had become almost like a haunting pastime. My kids were constantly unwell, I was drained, and our time and money were draining away as well. At that time, I was living abroad, and even something as small as a sandstorm could trigger a wave of sickness. It was then that my husband and I finally decided, “Enough is enough. Something has to change.”

We went back to the basics, overhauling our diets and embracing wholesome, nutritious, and organic foods. This marked a turning point in our health journey. We began to witness improvements and glimpses of a brighter future. As I delved deeper into my research, it completely reshaped my perspective on what we applied to our skin. This newfound knowledge inspired me to advocate for a positive, wholesome, and organic lifestyle at home. In my quest for natural cosmetics for my family, I realized how limited and scarce the market was, especially where I lived. Finding anything suitable was a nightmare! So, I took matters into my own hands and began crafting safe and effective products using natural ingredients. For me, Husn Beauty is not just about products; it’s a commitment to making a difference, starting with my own family first.

As the founder of Husn Beauty, what core values drive your commitment to offering clean luxury cosmetics at affordable prices?

I am determined to provide everyone with a better option for their skin and health. No one should have to settle for less. That’s why we work diligently to keep prices affordable so that anyone can access non-toxic and safe skincare for themselves and their families in a sustainable manner. While maintaining affordability, we never compromise on effectiveness and quality. There’s a common misconception that natural products lack effectiveness, and I am here to dispel that myth. Each ingredient in our products is carefully sourced, selected, and handcrafted to ensure it matches, if not exceeds, the quality of commercial brands.

Your brand addresses not only dietary choices but also skincare. What motivated you to emphasize the importance of natural ingredients in skincare products?

We had already transitioned to a healthier diet as a family. However, the turning point came one night when my 7-year-old daughter sat beside me, her curious eyes fixed on me as I applied makeup.

“Mama, when can I use this?” she innocently asked.

“No, baby, I don’t think I’ll ever let you use this stuff. It’s not good for your skin,” I replied, fully aware of the toxic chemicals concealed within.

“But you’re using it! So why are you using it on yourself?” she questioned.

Her words tugged at my heartstrings. That moment was an epiphany. It wasn’t just about what we put into our bodies; it was also about what we put on our bodies. I began to contemplate the hidden dangers of mainstream cosmetics and skincare. What were we truly exposing ourselves to? Driven by a desire to safeguard my family, I delved deeply into the world of skincare and beauty ingredients. I tirelessly researched, experimented, and educated myself. What started as a hobby fueled by concerned curiosity gradually evolved into an unwavering passion.

Eliminating harmful substances like fillers, artificial fragrances, and petroleum from your products is commendable. How do you ensure that every ingredient in your cosmetics serves a purpose and is beneficial for the skin?

Extensive time and research are devoted to each individual ingredient before it earns a spot on our ingredient list. It’s not just about finding a natural alternative to synthetic ingredients; it must serve a specific purpose. We ask critical questions during the formulation process, such as: Where does the ingredient originate, and what historical uses are associated with it? What is the chemical composition of the ingredient, and how does it interact with the skin? What valuable vitamins does it contain? With which other ingredients does it synergize effectively? Most importantly, how does it address specific skin conditions or concerns? It’s akin to solving a puzzle to ensure each ingredient fits perfectly, resulting in a unique product.

Can you share a success story from someone who experienced a significant positive change in their skin after switching to Husn Beauty’s natural products?

One of our facial oils, “Clear,” has been exceptionally popular for targeting acne and inflammation. One case, in particular, left a lasting impression on me. The individual developed an unknown allergic skin reaction, causing a burning rash. Despite multiple visits to the emergency room and receiving strong doses of antihistamines and steroids, there was no relief in sight, and the rash showed no signs of improvement. Then, he noticed that while he saw faint signs of the rash on his face, it was not as severe as on his neck and other parts of his body. The difference? He had been using “Clear” on his face as part of his daily routine, and the potent ingredients in the serum had effectively reduced the unusual inflammation on his facial skin. Realizing this, he stocked up on a substantial amount of the serum to apply to the rest of the rash. Just over a week later, his skin returned to normal.

With numerous skincare options available in the market, what distinguishes Husn Beauty from other brands that claim to offer natural products?

Husn Beauty is a family-centric brand dedicated to providing natural and effective cosmetics that enhance and elevate your health and wellness journey. While traditional beauty brands often prioritize aesthetics and appearance, we believe that beauty should be celebrated in diversity and individuality. As the only faceless natural beauty brand in the market, our focus extends beyond how our products make you look. It’s about how our products make you feel. In an era where inclusivity is paramount, we want our customers to understand that we recognize and celebrate the fact that purchasing skincare or makeup is about much more than just looking good. This is why you will never find images featuring a face showcasing our products because we never want to create unrealistic expectations or foster feelings of inadequacy. For instance, when you look at our lipsticks, we want you to envision how they would complement your own unique beauty, rather than responding to an image of how they appear on someone else.

Makeup enthusiasts often struggle to find natural makeup products that offer the same level of coverage and performance. How does Husn Beauty strike the perfect balance between purity and effectiveness?

Leveraging my experience as a makeup artist, I am keenly aware of the high-quality standards that I aim to achieve when formulating our products. The beauty of natural makeup is that it is designed to work harmoniously with your skin. While it enhances your appearance on the surface, it also nurtures your skin from within. Quality does not need to be compromised when it comes to pure, breathable, and natural makeup.

It’s wonderful that Husn Beauty also caters to men’s grooming needs. What prompted you to expand your range to include products for men?

The men in my family began to feel excluded! On a more serious note, my brother often complained about the challenges of managing his unruly beard. He was searching for something to style it while maintaining a lightweight feel. He disliked the sensation of commercial products and appreciated the fact that our natural grooming products felt more like skincare, benefiting both his skin and beard.

As a brand founder, how do you maintain a balance between sustainability and affordability, ensuring that natural beauty is accessible to a wider audience?

We place a strong emphasis on utilizing zero-waste ingredients, which are byproducts of other industries. This allows us to purchase local, high-quality ingredients that are also affordable. For example, the berry seed oils that we sourced and use in some of our serums are cold-pressed from berry seeds that would otherwise be discarded as waste in the jam or juicing industry. By repurposing these seeds, we produce a premium ingredient rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids. This approach is both sustainable and cost-effective.

Husn Beauty offers a diverse range of products. Could you tell us about your personal favorite product and the story behind its creation?

Before creating “Radiance Glow Serum,” I had just started experimenting with infusions. During the research phase, I was amazed by the multitude of benefits that could be extracted from various beautiful botanicals and herbs. I was the primary target audience when designing this indulgent product, and I wanted it to be an all-in-one solution. The main objective was to provide a skin “pick-me-up,” especially for those days when you feel your skin needs a boost for that radiant glow. Simultaneously, it needed to have the ideal consistency for combination skin—neither too heavy nor too light—and effectively address specific areas needing additional hydration. I also wanted to incorporate anti-aging components. Thus, “Radiance” was born. Interestingly, among all my face oils and serums, “Radiance” boasts the most extensive list of ingredients. I wanted to pack in as many powerful ingredients, infusions, and essential oil benefits as possible. The best part? It has a delightful fragrance, almost like a spa in a bottle. It has become a staple in my skincare routine!

What advice would you give to someone who is just beginning their journey toward using natural cosmetics and doesn’t know where to start?

There’s so much to share, but I’ll summarize the most crucial points. First and foremost, remember that the goal is healthy skin, not necessarily flawless skin. Often, those starting their natural journey expect perfection and set high expectations, which can lead to disappointment. Everyone is unique and will experience different results, but the ultimate objective is healthy skin. Secondly, change doesn’t occur overnight; it’s truly a journey. Each person’s journey will be distinctive. Begin by understanding your skin type and its specific needs.

What excites you the most about the future of Husn Beauty, and what do you hope to achieve in the coming years?

I envision a world where skincare and beauty bring joy and contribute to elevating our health. Witnessing Husn Beauty play a part in achieving this vision is incredibly exciting! What initially started as a small endeavor for my family has grown into something that allows me to share the benefits of a natural lifestyle on a larger scale and help diverse individuals embark on their natural journey. The beauty industry is rapidly evolving, with increased awareness. Being a significant part of this transformation is the future of Husn Beauty. I have several exciting new products in the pipeline, so stay tuned for those!

Our readers are passionate about travel. What destination is at the top of your bucket list?

I have a deep love for traveling, and it’s challenging to pick just one destination! However, experiencing the Northern Lights is high on my list.

Where can people find out more about Husn Beauty?

You can explore all our products at and connect with us on our social media channels @husnbeautyltd. Feel free to reach out and say hello!


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