While many would think the golden era of Western wear to be far gone and left in the past, the fact this specific style has been the trend time and time again shows us this is far from the truth. Sure, larger-than-life cowboy looks are mainly left for the TV and rodeo stars to take up, but there’s plenty more left for the modern-day cowboys and cowgirls to adopt the style, including brands like Ringers Western.

The beauty of it lies in its adaptability, so it doesn’t matter if you’re after it for the needs of clothing fit for rural conditions, or if you’re an urbanite looking for a little rugged flair, there’s always something this style can offer for your wardrobe. And, you don’t have to bother searching for too long, or too far, as there’s a brand that can tend to your every outfit need right here in Australia.

Born out of the necessity to fill a niche for quality ringers’ clothing that would stand up to the harsh weather conditions as much as the pressure from daily wear, Ringers Western was made by a group of motivated ringers for the ringers. The items quickly caught the attention of many beyond the circles of rural workers with their bold and eye-catching designs of Ringers Western jeans and shirts, and their elevated dose of sophistication, making the brand’s presence known on the Australian fashion scene.

Why is Ringers Western So Popular?

Ringers Western

With many Western apparel leaders already present on the market, this Aussie name came to set itself apart from the competition by setting high standards of design and quality for each of its pieces ever since its beginnings. The right dose of practicality and simplicity paired with class turned out to be the recipe for success in the production of every piece of their collections of clothes.

This is true not just for the work shirts they started out with, but the rest of the items, from the T-shirts and the iconic Ringers Western jeans to the jackets, as well as the footwear and accessories. Their signature Ringers Western logo, the bull silhouette, is the finishing touch offering a recognisable look the brand is known for even outside of the country.

Durability That Stands to the Rigours of Aussie Life

It’s no secret the Land of Oz is a land of extremes when it comes to the weather and the landscape, so what works for some countries doesn’t work here in terms of clothing. The tough conditions require clothing made for utmost performance which is exactly what you get from the Western Ringers product range.

Whether it’s choosing the perfect items for the paddock or the ideal apparel for the city streets and office, what you can be sure of is unmatched quality with outstanding features such as hard-wearing fabrics, reinforced stitching, and colours that can endure more washes. Whether it’s the full-button men’s and women’s work shirts, the ripstop work pants, the weather-resistant jackets, the handcrafted finest quality boots, or the accessories built for durability and the right amount of style, you can be certain of having pieces of value that would continue serving you time and time again same as the day you bought them.

Comfort That Helps You Go the Extra Mile

As a tough worker himself, founder Andrew MacDonald and his team of hard-working friends knew very well the importance of wearing comfortable clothing when working or being out and about when they first created the brand. Hence the focus is on choosing premium fabrics for each of the Ringers Western clothing and accessories.

When you wear some of their exceptional collection items, you won’t have to be distracted by discomfort from itchiness, sweat, odours, or restricted movements when you’re taking care of errands. With the great level of durability and ruggedness and this optimal functionality paired with comfort, you’d be able to get the job done without your outfit affecting your productivity.

Primarily opting for soft and lightweight cotton fabrics, and blends of cotton with low-maintenance synthetics like polyester and elastane for a little stretch, breathability and manoeuvrability are a given when you don one of their essentials. Top them off with an embroidered detail and you can count on a truly professional outcome.

Don’t think you won’t be protected when the weather is cold either, as their equally comfortable warm collections offer the right amount of protection from the bad weather as they do with boosting your style. From the insulating jumpers and hoodies as the top or mid-layers to the jackets and vests as the outermost layer, and the ultra-comfy flannos, you’re not short of options.

Timeless Style Perfect for Numerous Occasions

Feel free to take your Ringers outfit from work to the after-work outings when you need some fun and relaxation as they have the needed class and style to suit your more leisurely events. Immune to the changing fashion trends, you can boost your wardrobe with pieces of the iconic Ringers Western wear knowing they’ll continue being stylish years later as during the time you bought them.

For everyday wear, one of their activewear items, oversized tees or fitted T-shirts with an eye-catching print, plus their relaxed fit jeans or denim shorts make the perfect combo guaranteeing comfort. A pair of dressier women’s pocket stretch drill jeans in black or khaki colour, a stylish top like the brand’s Jessica broderie and cami lace piece, a pair of the dressier Hamilton’s chino pants for men, plus a dress shirt like the Glenmorgan linen top with relaxed fit or a dapper polo are some classic options for the not-so-casual events.

You could invest in and swear by them on various occasions when you want to show off your smart and sophisticated looks, worn on their own or topped off with an equally stylish blazer from the brand. Finish up each combo with the right accessory, either one of the casual baseball caps, or their jaw-dropping cowboy hats designed and produced to perfection, and you’d pull off a remarkable modern-day rugged Western look.


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