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Slot Machine Cheats that don’t Work

Over the years, slot machine cheats have come and gone, and changed with the times.

Over the years, slot machine cheats have come and gone, and changed with the times. With the rise of online casinos and slots, you’ll be hard pressed to find cheats with slots that actually work. Far better is to find a winning strategy and stick to it, and set yourself rules to make sure you always win more than you lose.

For instance, make sure you play slots responsibly – setting yourself limits around time and budget spent is a good place to begin. Along with this, only choose to play online slots you actually find exciting, and with an exciting theme such as fruit machine slots. That way your main goal won’t be simply to win, and you can’t be disappointed. Read on for slot machine cheats that don’t work. For bonus options, explore https://freechipnodeposit.com/, offering a variety of no deposit bonuses.

Monkey’s Paw

This slots cheat title is inspired by a tale of a dead monkey which granted the wishes of its owner, but of course this ended very badly. There was once a device, years ago, which slipped into slots and would adjust the machine outcome to give the cheat a pay out. Online slots reign supreme now, so of course this just wouldn’t work.

Bottom Joint

A bottom joint was another old cheat with slots which involved a piece of being inserted into a particular spot in the slot machine. This piece of metal would then cause the slot machine to release coins. An incredibly sneaky cheat that certainly wouldn’t work now.

Bonus Sign-ups

Before the online casino scene wisened up to this slot machine cheat, you would have gotten away with it. But not anymore – players were signing up to an online casino under the guise of different email addresses. Now there are precautions in place so that players can’t do this, but it worked for a time.

Cheat Codes

You’ll be hard pressed to find cheat codes for slots, but this slot machine cheat was made popular at a time, first by Playstation. Cheat codes then made their way to slots, and they were quite popular until the online casino industry changed their coding so nobody could do this anymore.


Another cheat from a bygone era, another way people would cheat on slot machines is through the use of a magnet. The inside of traditional fruit slot machines was magnetic, and players soon sussed that inserting a magnet would mess up the slots inner working. This would win players more coins as it changed the outcome of the slots game.


Another golden oldie with slot machine cheats before online slots came along, the yoyo cheat. Players would use a yoyo to go into the slot machine, and this would grab coins or change the symbols, and return to players completely in tact. So there you have it.

Most of these slot machine cheats are not only unbelievably brazen now, but with the rise of the online casino, just wouldn’t work whatsoever. It’s far better to play slots to have fun, and if you really want to play to win, just think strategy and tact over cheating. Why not head to your favourite online casino and try your luck today?