Would you believe us if we told you that you could enjoy one of the best views of London from the top of a carpark?

For most of us, last year presented absolutely no opportunities for travel. Thankfully, that’s behind us now, so if you’re used to a jet-set lifestyle, you can cautiously look forward to making some holiday plans again. Anyway, if you’re local to the UK then you won’t have to go too far for this itinerary! London has so much to offer in terms of luxury, but it also has a few best-kept secrets that feel exclusive, but are totally purse-friendly. Here’s our guide to the best of London for a budget-free break, or a cheap and cheerful weekend.

Sotheby’s, New Bond Street

It seems only sensible to start this luxury weekend in the heart of everything that is luxury, Mayfair. Sotheby’s auction houses are responsible for making some of the biggest art and artifact sales in history, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it on a budget. Bidding in an auction is a bucket list wish for many, so if you’re here for the high-budget option, then get ready to spend some cash! Back in 2012 a sketch by Raphael sold here for just shy of £30 million. Luckily, if you don’t have millions to spend then you can still attend the pre-auction gallery beforehand, absolutely free. You won’t be able to take any of it home with you, but you can put your hard-earned money towards a mansion, or four, instead.

Park Lane Casino, Park Lane

For those who have £1000 burning a hole in their pocket, you can’t find a more exclusive casino experience than at the Park Lane Club. You’ll have to pay that £1000 to settle the eye-watering membership fee at this private club, but hey, it’s a no-budget weekend! Once inside you’ll enjoy spacious, high ceilinged rooms, dripping with glittering crystal chandeliers. The gaming areas are covered in plush velvets and dark wood. Whilst at first glance around it may seem as though champagne is the only drink on the menu, you’ve actually got a full menu available 24 hours a day. You’ll find plenty of champagne of course, but also Dorset crab and langoustine salad, or black truffle risotto, at 3 AM if you require it!

The Rose & Crown, Old Park Lane

If the thought of a £1000 membership fee nearly made you choke on your lunch, then you’ll be pleased to hear that there’s a budget option just around the corner that’s just as much fun. The Rose & Crown is a historic pub situated a stone’s throw from The Park Lane Club. Occupying its site for 400 years, although the pub now has all the mod-cons, stepping through the front door still feels like stepping back in time. They aren’t open 24 hours a day, but you can still grab yourself a relatively late-night steak and kidney pudding, with a pint of ale to wash it all down. The added bonus is that you’ll have enough change from £20 to try your luck at the casino, an online one that is. If you’re looking for a way to make that change stretch further then Vegas Slots Online lists all of the new online casinos in the UK which will match your deposit, or give you free spins if you’re a new sign up. If you get that fiver doubled then you could be having all the fun of the casino for a much smaller bit of your budget.

The London Eye, South Bank

Whilst you might not immediately think of the London Eye as a luxury destination, bear with us here. If you’ve got a budget to blow then the people behind the best view in London have organized an experience to excite you. For £250 per couple, you can book out a pod for yourself and enjoy the best view of London, accompanied by an experienced sommelier and plenty of champagne. You’ll spend an hour rotating and being served historic wines, champagnes, and appetizers, pretty exclusive. If you don’t want to spend £250 on the experience then you can book in advance, share your pod and pay just £27 each. You’ll get exactly the same view as everybody else and you can feel pretty smug about that! Alternatively…

Frank’s Cafe, Rye Lane

If you don’t want to pay a penny for your view, then you can get a phenomenal one at Frank’s Cafe. This unassuming cafe is situated at the top of a ten-story carpark in Peckham, which doesn’t sound particularly salubrious but just you wait until the sun starts to set. Better still, you can enjoy seriously reasonably priced tapas and sip on a glass of wine that didn’t cost you £125. Whilst London has plenty for the luxury customer, if you know where to look, it has some seriously tempting options for the bougie bargain hunter too.


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