#TeamCoco Guide for Creatives: How to Keep Being Inspired

Occasionally, creatives from all backgrounds find themselves unable to think about what to create next; another predicament that can strike is when you hate everything that you create. When you hit this wall, it can be hard to get past it; however, you don’t need to wait for your muse to come back to you. Instead, you can find the inspiration and harness it so that you can work consistently, every day.

  1. Create a Workspace 

The first step to working every day on your creative passion is to create a space that is exclusively for you to work in. This space should not only allow you to comfortably create your art, it should also be filled with inspiring images and objects that you love. Having images that put you in the right frame of mind to create displayed around your workspace can help you reignite your creativity again and again. Similarly, having objects that offer tactile stimulation can also help you stay on track.

  1. Work at the Same Time and Location 

Once you have your workspace made, it’s time to get down and work. You need to be consistent with the work that you do if you want to proceed with your talent. Not only do you need to use this time to practice, you also need to finish what you start. That is how you’ll make money from what you love doing. To help with this, try working at your workspace at the same time every day. That way your brain can focus better on the task at hand.

  1. Find Inspiration 

Working at the same time and place is useful for everyone to get and keep a good workflow going. With creatives, however, there is always the risk of this time becoming monotonous. Stay motivated and keep your creative flow going by actively seeking inspiration. This could be a trip to a great location that gives you good ideas on how to add to your art, or it could be by surfing the Internet to be inspired by what other artists have done.

  1. Entice Your Senses 

On top of finding inspiration, you also need to lead an inspiring life. Do this by trying out new things, new foods, and even new flavors. This means changing your bland meals into tasty wonders, or even modifying your smoking habit by switching to vaping. Click here if you want more information!

  1. Explore

You should always explore. Explore your hometown, explore your neighborhood, and even explore faraway lands. The more you see of the world, the more accurately you will be able to portray it. Sometimes life is stranger than fiction, and if you want to expand your imagination you need to see what this world has to offer.

You can create every day, and you can be proud of what you create. All you need to do is treat your creative pursuits more seriously, while also opening your life up to new experiences and sensations. Together, you will have more experiences to pull inspiration from, and you’ll have the routine to transform that inspiration into art.

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