Fast fashion is a trend that’s not going away. After all, once you post that outfit on insta, you may as well never wear it again.

You can spend $200 on a Revolve dress or $20 on a similar SHEIN dress.The quality might not differ much, but the risk of not knowing for sure is the real cost!Besides, on site reviews can be faked; inputted directly by the store owner.This is the better way to shop for fast fashion:

Read Blogger Reviews

They say time is money.In this case, you can save a lot of money by taking the time to read real reviews.Do not just go for the “customer” reviews within the store’s website.These reviews are sometimes fake or simply not thorough enough to paint a full picture.

You might want to check out the thorough reviews from specialist bloggers like Kerina Mango, who seems to do a lot of SHEIN hauls and reviews.The problem with blog reviews are that there is simply something even better out there.

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Watch Youtube Try On Hauls

Fabric needs to be stretched and held up against the light to really get a sense for quality.This calls for videos!Try On Hauls are a type of reviews where the blogger must actually try on the clothes for you.Kerina also has quite a few hugely popular try on hauls that have been watched by hundreds of thousands of fast fashion shoppers.

Another blogger who is known for her fashion hauls and reviews is Amanda John. She’s got a thing for pink and we love it!You can watch one of her fashion hauls here.


Lastly, we also suggest you check out Lace & Lashes. They offer a deep insight in whatever you may be interested in, as provided in this video.

Overall, summer is such a fun season to experiment with different colors. Use the opportunity to wear various styles and clothes that make you feel confident. If that yellow crop top makes you feel like you’re on top of the world, then go for it.

When you’re done with your fast fashion piece, simply donate or thrift it.Enjoy!


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