We all want our homes to feel comfortable, cosy and relaxing. After all, where else do you spend each evening after the day is done? Home is where you can unwind, be yourself and enjoy your own company or your family. Somewhere to watch a show, listen to music, read a book or enjoy a board or card game with your nearest and dearest.

And part of ensuring your home is genuinely relaxing is with its interior design. Your choice of furniture, decor, paint scheme and other design elements are part of what makes you enjoy being at home and recharging your batteries. Part of effective interior design is controlling the amount of light in your home. This helpful article will share the block-out breakdown, and you’ll learn how to control light effectively in your home. Read on to find out more.

Invest in Plantation Shutters

A great way to control light in your home is to install plantation shutters in some rooms. These window dressings are wooden or plastic slatted blinds that are a perfect way to let as much light in as you require. Because they are adjustable, you can throw them open during the day to let the warm sunlight in, which will warm your home and reduce your heating bill. However, suppose you want to dim the room, for instance. If you want to enjoy a movie during the day or otherwise control the amount of light coming in, you can close them quickly.

In addition to controlling the amount of light that comes into your home, plantation shutters offer excellent acoustic insulation, dampening the sound coming both in and out of your home, which is excellent if you enjoy loud music or if you have noisy neighbours.

Get Blockout Blinds

If you want a room to be dark, for instance, your bedroom or theatre room, you can invest in heavy, block-out blinds or curtains that will seriously dampen external light. This is the perfect solution for shift workers who need to sleep during the day or for setting the mood in your theatre room.

Use Lamps to Control Light

Another excellent way to control the light in your home is to use lamps, such as floor or table lamps. Lamps can provide gentle, soft light perfect for living rooms, bedrooms and dining areas. You can turn off the overhead lights and switch the lamps on. This type of light is perfect for reading, meditation or enjoying an intimate dinner with your partner.

Invest in Smart Lighting

Another great way to control the light flow in your home is to invest in dimmable, smart LED globes. These are nifty devices that you can control with an app. You can use the app to dim the globes, change them to different colours or even adjust the tone of the light. For instance, you may want bright light in your open-plan kitchen and dining area when you’re cooking so that you can then dim it when it is time to eat. If you’re hosting a party or gathering, you can set the smart globes to soft, colourful light to create a festive atmosphere.

Layer Lighting

You can get creative with lighting in each room by layering light sources. A good rule of thumb is to have three light sources for every room in the house. You can open the window dressings during the day to let in natural light, then switch to overhead lighting in the late afternoon and early evening. Then, as we discussed earlier, you can use lamps for later at night.

Install Dimmer Switches

Another top way to control the lighting in your home is by installing light dimmer switches. A licensed electrician can perform this task for you – never DIY electrical work. A dimmer switch lets you easily control the light emanating from downlights and ceiling fixtures. You can turn it up when you need lots of lighting, such as when preparing a meal or doing a puzzle at your dining table, then dim the light when you want to adjust the mood.

Get Creative With Your Lighting

Why not exercise some creativity regarding your home’s light sources? You might opt for a fancy light fitting in the central areas, such as your dining room, living space or kitchen. You can get excellent light fittings from a lighting or hardware store that creates a bold statement.

Another way to use creativity in lighting is to string fairy lights or festoon lights in some rooms. For instance, you could string some USB-powered fairy LED lights around a bookshelf or cube shelf to highlight a collection of books, magazines or small shelf ornaments.

In Conclusion

This informative article has shared the block-out breakdown, and you’ve learned how you can effectively control light in your home through window dressings, smart lighting, and strategic use of lighting, such as lamps or fairy lights.


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