Ah Cuba. With its white palm-fringed beaches and crystal-clear waters that gently wash away your stresses, it’s the ultimate Caribbean getaway.

Whilst on it’s surface it may appear to be just a relaxing and tranquil vacation, but if you dare delve a little deeper, you’ll discover an unbelievable culture, rich in a revolutionary history.

By choosing to travel with Exodus Travels you can experience the most exclusive areas; try out tiny tavernas down side streets that you’d never have thought to venture down, offering the most exquisite mojitos and music that you can truly get lost in.

Breath-taking beaches

Tucked away between the Bay of Cárdenas and the Straits of Florida, you will find the stunning Varadero. Considered the crown jewel of Cuba, with more than 20km of pure white sandy beaches, for years it was considered an elite resort. Forever growing in popularity, Varadero has only until recently been able to be visited by high ranking officials but is now enjoyed by everyone.

Similarly, Cayo Saetía, once a private game reserve, can now be visited via the mainland. Inhabited by a variety of animals such as zebra, antelope, buffalos and several ostriches, this stunning landmass can be explored to its fullest by hopping on a Jeep excursion.

Immerse yourself completely

Discover all that Cuba has to offer by booking a guided tour. Learn to dance Cuban salsa in Trinidad, discover how to make the perfect mojito and take in all the sights and colours of old and new.

Cuba has a fascinating and exciting history that shouldn’t be missed. Described as ‘the most beautiful land on earth’ by Christopher Columbus, Cuba offers the best blend of both African and Spanish influences.

The coolest neighbourhoods

Founded in 1515, Havana began as a small settlement of Spanish colonists on the northern coast of Cuba. Bursting with life and culture, Havana gradually grew creating new and exciting neighbourhoods.

Whilst visiting, don’t forget to check out the original city centre, Plaza Vieja. Part of Old Havana and close to the bay, its stunning buildings and architecture are not to be missed and are the perfect photograph opportunity.

Although expensive, it’s a worthwhile place to visit for its culture, street performers and local artists.

As a contrast, why not visit the newest part of Old Havana too. Prada is a bustling area, with its shops, farmer’s markets, bars and restaurants. The promenade is a must see too and is a gathering point for artists, knitting clubs and craft sellers, perfect if you’re wanting to immerse yourself into Cuban life.

It’s a must for your travels

Step back in time and open your eyes to the wonders of Cuba. With cobblestone streets, classic cars galore and breath-taking beaches, it begs the question: why would you not visit Cuba this year?


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