The Small-Business Gift Guide: House of Coco’s Perfect Christmas Present Round-Up

Next-Day Delivery options, Buy-Now, Pay-Later schemes; it’s no secret that last-minute gift buying is easier to tackle via our favourite high-street conglomerates. With large enterprises offering us the advantage of convenience and speed during the season in which we need it most, it’s easy to turn a blind eye towards the independent-business community and their lesser-known alternatives.


But when we put these multinationals first, we forget the incomparable time and effort that their private competitors put into designing and creating products that will make someone’s Christmas a little more special. So, if you’re looking to snub the conventional this season and opt for something more unique, we’ve created a round-up of our favourite small businesses to give you some inspiration and help your gift stand out from the crowd.


Cult of Youth

Who would’ve thought that lockets could be sentimental and on-trend? Cult of Youth’s contemporary keepsakes will not only have your gift receiver all misty-eyed, but also look incredibly chic with your everyday outfit. With quotes ranging from “I Am There” to those featuring slightly more explicit content, there’s a pendant with meaning for anyone and everyone.



Dora Larsen

Why compromise on style while you sleep? Dora Larsen have cracked the code to creating the perfect sleepwear sets with both trends and comfort in mind. With designs featuring youthful and unique colour combinations, these sets will be sure to brighten up those gloomy winter mornings and have you feeling all kinds of Carrie Bradshaw vibes.



Mabel and Mu

Don’t let your furry friends go without this season; if you’re looking for an alternative to the high-street options for the smaller members of your family, independent brand Mabel and Mu offer designer accessories at impressively affordable prices. From seasonal prints to more traditional fabric choices, this small business won’t disappoint when it comes to having your pet looking fabulous on Christmas Day.



The Bright Company

Channel your inner Scandi-Santa this season with these Nordic-inspired sleepwear sets for your little ones. Ensuring that sustainability is kept at the forefront of their brand, The Bright Company’s designs are entirely ethical and built-to-last. And if you’re feeling extra cheesy this Christmas (because, well, who isn’t?) the brand also produces their designs in larger sizes, so you can grab a pair for yourself and match your mini-me. If that doesn’t make for the perfect Christmas photo opportunity, then we aren’t sure what will …


Beth Ryder

Beth is a UK fashion writer currently delving into the world of travel journalism. When she isn't researching the latest trends or rummaging for the perfect vintage shop finds, you'll find her around Europe chatting to locals for the best hidden gems or getting stuck in with the cities cultural experiences.

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