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The Time Kylie Jenner Got a Laser Eye Surgery

The Time Kylie Jenner Got a Laser Eye Surgery

Laser eye surgery can be a great tool in restoring good eyesight, and celebs like Kylie Jenner have experienced its benefits first-hand.

May 30th, 2023

It’s no secret that the Kar-Jenner clan are often the first ones to jump on the bandwagon when it comes to trying out the latest trends. Whether that means sporting an outlandish outfit or trying out a new skincare treatment such as a vampire facial, the popular reality show sisters waste no second when it comes to testing trends, and their fans – and the rest of the world – are eager to follow suit.

Although they’ve been rumored to have had several cosmetic procedures done, especially the youngest member of the clan – Kylie Jenner – she’s only admitted to having undergone a single procedure when she got lip fillers. While the star denies having any other work done, there’s another procedure she’s been open about, and that is her eye surgery, which we will further discuss in this article.

Why did Kylie get her eye surgery?

Many Hollywood stars undergo a surgical procedure not just for a cosmetic reason but in order to fix an issue. Like many other celebrities, this is exactly what Kylie did after her vision problems started affecting her daily life. The reality star and makeup mogul has reportedly developed vision issues following her pregnancy with first child, Stormi.

Rather than relying on contact lenses and eyeglasses, the star underwent an eye surgery to address her eyesight problems. This also eliminated the hassle of sporting eyewear which she often forgot to bring with her.

When did Kylie get eye surgery?

According to the sources, the youngest member of the Kar-Jenner clan had the surgery in October 2019. Typical for a celebrity family that has a camera crew following them 24/7, the star had her entire procedure documented. She scheduled a procedure which she got together with her best friend Stassie Karaniklaou.

Kylie’s BFF put up the video on her channel on YouTube, and the video documented the eye surgery procedure, the recovery process, and of course, the party they threw to celebrate their successful procedures. You can also watch the KUWTK episode about Kylie’s laser eye surgery, which aired in April 2020.

What eye surgery procedure did Kylie get?

Both Kylie and Stassie have undergone the same exact procedure in order to restore their eyesight to its previous state. But the makeup mogul isn’t the first in the Kar-Jenner family to get this procedure done. Kim Kardashian West, Kylie’s older sister, had a big influence on her sibling when the other decided to address her vision issues. Needless to say, her big sister’s procedure was documented on their KUWTK reality show as well.

The procedure in question was LASIK eye surgery, and Kylie reportedly had it done in order to correct her nearsightedness. Prior to the surgery, the star complained about being unable to drive her car and watch TV. She couldn’t even see Stormi’s face, and that was the point where she decided to address her myopia.

How did the procedure go?

The laser procedure that Kylie underwent basically focuses on reshaping the cornea of the eye. It’s a two-step procedure, and can correct a variety of eye health problems ranging from astigmatism to near and short sightedness. In Kylie’s case, the cornea needed to be flattened. Once it’s been reshaped, the results are permanent.

As the fans could see on the KUWTK episode, Kylie’s laser vision correction procedure was a success, and the star’s family was the first to celebrate by throwing her a party. While the fans were definitely happy that their favorite celeb was able to see clearly again, the surgery in question wasn’t exactly a sight to see. What was entertaining though was the part following the surgery.

What was Kylie’s recovery process after her eye surgery like?

Both Kylie and her friend Stassie reportedly slept for five whole hours after the procedure. Obviously, Kylie was feeling a bit out of it following her laser eye surgery. Luckily, though, her momager Kris Jenner was there for her youngest to help out. In fact, she even gave her daughter a bell so she could ring her up when she needed something. The makeup mogul and now a mom of two then started taking advantage of this privilege, making requests as her mother waited on her and asking for tacos.

When the time came to enjoy the meal, Kris had to feed her daughter since she was wearing protective glasses and was unable to see. This is when the mom got a chance to tease Kylie a bit by not letting her take a bite, thus having her own little revenge.

Wrapping up

Corrective eye surgery can bring a multitude of benefits and improve the patient’s everyday life. Kylie was just one of the many celebrities to get laser eye surgery, and given its popularity, we’ll be seeing more people getting the procedure done to restore a clear vision and improve their day-to-day life.

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