The Guide to Throwing a Yacht Party covers everything you need to plan a luxurious and memorable event on the water. From selecting the perfect yacht and catering to entertainment and safety tips, this guide ensures every detail is meticulously managed for an unforgettable experience.

Every year we face the same challenge of finding new ways to celebrate birthdays. Want to dine with friends? A day at the best beach? Holiday abroad? Went there and yay, I bought that questionable t-shirt. But fear not. There’s something else unique about this occasion:

Rent a yacht for a birthday party!

A celebration is constantly a nice manner to convey every person collectively and revel in your moments of bliss. And in case you are the host, it will become the check of your flavour and style. Dubai has several locations along with lodges and eating places which function as nice venues for specific parties. However, a yacht celebration in Dubai is the last mirrored image of sophistication and style.

It no longer relies on what’s the motive of the celebration, a yacht celebration is appropriate for all your motives to rejoice. Though they may be informal and amusing or also can be simple, elegant, and lavish events.

The best destination for a yacht party is undoubtedly Dubai. The Gulf region is very popular for cruise activities. Yacht rentals in Dubai are very efficient in terms of management, organization, and reliability. Choose your venue wisely and get the best possible preparation for your event. Throwing a yacht party requires a lot of planning and proper accommodation, including food, dress code and security.

Choose The Yacht That’s Right for You

Mala Yachts offers a wide range of yachts from 33 ft to 220ft. Choose the right yacht according to the number of guests. Each yacht has a specific accommodation area.

Here’s a partial bucket list:

The Lotus mega yacht is 220 feet tall and can accommodate 500 guests. The Desert Rose mega yacht is 155 feet tall and can accommodate 250 people. Other smaller yachts like the Gugu Boat are 78 feet and can accommodate 90 guests. So, choose your yacht based on the number of guests.

Choose Wisely

To host a yacht party, you need to hire a company that offers yacht rental services in Dubai. A quick internet search will reveal all the options available. You should plan your budget first and then choose your services. An internet search will also help you find Dubai yacht charter rates, including various offers and amenities.

We’re sure you’ll find something to suit your budget. Mala Yachts is one of the most popular companies in town for excellent service. If you hire a company, discuss all the details with them and choose a suitable date and time for your party.

Plan everything within your budget and make the necessary arrangements. There are many affordable yacht party packages that fit in your pocket. Our yacht rental team will plan according to your needs and package.


Creating a Guest List

The first task after planning an onboard event is creating a guest list. Booking a yacht for that number of people becomes easy. Further plans are then made.

Menus and Music

When you choose your dining menu, you choose what your guests want to eat. Finally, it’s important to value guest preferences. The quantity of food is as important as quality. It is necessary to consider how many hours you will spend in the middle of the sea and how many guests you will have.

Our professional chefs offer meticulous attention to detail. A variety of delicious 5-star meals are prepared upon request. You can add your favourite dishes to the package.

Talk after dinner. Of course, music should not be absent. You can decide what kind of music you want according to the theme and atmosphere of your party. However, most yacht companies in Dubai will provide all arrangements for decoration and entertainment within your chosen package.

Themes and Dress Code

To make your yacht party more colourful and unforgettable, you should choose a theme that matches the occasion. It’s a casual and fun event, but it’s also the most elegant and extravagant. For corporate tiers, the theme is likely to be black or white, so be sure to choose a specific colour. For casual parties, choose a dress code that is appropriate and comfortable for everyone. Please be sure to include the boat party dress code in your invitation to avoid any inconvenience.


As an open venue, this is the most important part of running an event. Especially in places like Dubai, you must pay close attention to the weather. It can rain and be extremely humid. We recommend planning your special day according to the season. Once you’re ready, you should start preparing your guest list.

In summary, why rent a yacht for a birthday party?

  • To get away from the crowds
  • To be able to move and explore
  • To capture unique scenery only accessible by boat
  • More affordable than you think
  • For a truly unforgettable experience

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