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The Winner Escape Room In Budapest: Neverland

The Winner Escape Room In Budapest: Neverland

Discover the thrilling experience of Neverland, the winner of escape rooms in Budapest. Solve puzzles and riddles to escape the magical world.

February 16th, 2023

We had the opportunity to test some escape rooms in Budapest and now we would like to introduce the winner to you. Neverland Budapest is so much more than a simple place with escape rooms. We spent half of our day there and enjoyed it a lot. Let us tell you why.

Delicious food

We happened to arrive there a little too early, because it was closer to the city center than we thought. First we were afraid that we would be bored until our turn came, but we had the chance to have some really good snacks in the restaurant while waiting. At that point we decided to have some dinner there after the game.

So we finished the game, escaped successfully and asked for a table in Neverland’s restaurant. Everyone’s taste is different in our group, not to mention the vegan members, so not everyone was happy about this idea...until they saw the menu. Not only could we choose from many different dishes from Italian to Mexican ones, but the vegan members of the group could have a proper and delicious meal as well.


After the dinner we didn’t feel like going home yet, so we had some drinks. At Neverland you cannot get ordinary booze, but you can try special gins, whiskeys and vodkas from all around the world instead. Some friends are not fond of shots so they had some really cool cocktails, while others tried some of the craft beers.

Escape rooms

And finally, the best part of it: the game itself.

The ten of us went to Neverland Budapest, so we decided to make two groups and try two different rooms, a really scary one and the magic world.

Well, let’s hope we won’t have nightmares after the serial killer’s room as the equipment was so realistic. It wasn’t easy, but we succeeded.

The other group told us how fun the magic room was too. It felt like they were in the world of Harry Potter. They had to find the recipe of an evil potion before it got to the wrong hands. They could find it, so they were a hero to save the magic world.


Neverland has some extras as well. For example they can provide a private room for groups who would like to celebrate privately. Also the place is dog friendly, so your fluffy friend doesn’t need to miss the adventure.

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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