The Wonderful World of Chateau Denmark

A unique aparthotel in London, for those with a penchant for something different.

You feel like you are entering a whole new world when you check-in to Chateau Denmark on Denmark Street in London. The reception is dramatically dark and interesting, and the team are all wearing deep dark clothing to match the surroundings. But the most intriguing part is when you meet your own personal butler (BTLR).

Our writer Rachel McAlley was invited to review Chateau Denmark recently, here are her thoughts on this brand new aparthotel in London’s renowned music district.

Each BTLR wears what looks like a robe from one of the Harry Potter movies, like they will magic you something exciting at the drop of a hat. Which, is of course exactly what they do. They whisk you off to your room, give you a tour of your facilities and pass on their mobile number for anything you may want. In my case, the Deluxe Session room where I stayed was like walking into a nightclub.

Chateau Denmark

I had the largest in-room fully stocked bar that I had ever seen in any apartment. My own selection of cut glass to drink from, a wine fridge, again fully stocked, a fridge with mixers, and a secret drawer stacked with curious snacks. There was even a fresh lime and lemon with chopping board and knife ready and waiting for my first cocktail. To top it off my bar had an ice maker, and a filtered cold, boiling and sparkling water tap!

Romas, my BTLR talked me through how to use the Void and Artcoustic sound system, complete with readily produced music for me to play in room. When I say sound system, I mean huge speakers that blasted the music so loud I could easily have been in a nightclub. And yes, my room was 100% soundproofed, so I could have friends over for a party.

The Wonderful World of Chateau Denmark

Leaving the living space, or nightclub as I liked to call it, I was shown around the bathroom, with beautiful bespoke Chateau Denmark body and haircare products and robes. Then I was taken into the bedroom, which had its own balcony to sit outside and enjoy city views.

The 65-inch TV took centre stage as I walked in the bedroom until I spotted the bed, with its orange velvet headboard, leather branded bolsters, side mirrors and wall art. The art above the bed included handcuffs, whips, chains and balls, which almost certainly stopped me in my tracks. Furthermore, the art around the entire apartment was a mixture of 50s and 60s rock ‘n roll, psychedelic pieces, and playful design.

Chateau Denmark

It was a dark room and I wanted to lighten things a little so I had a play with the lighting controls and found that I could change the ambiance from night to day or even party mode. Obviously I went for party mode, I mean why the hell not! My BTLR went to make me a welcome cocktail, so I put on some loud tunes and unpacked my suitcase.

Once I settled and relaxed into my stay, I could see how much attention to detail Chateau Denmark had placed in every aspect of the room. From the bouncy rubber flooring, to the linen bag which simply said ‘Filthy’ on it, and the snack drawer with Hangover Cure sweets and Mojito gummies. This wasn’t like anywhere else I had ever stayed in London.

If you are into music, are a lover of the unusual, or just want to live life a little differently I would highly recommend an overnight at Chateau Denmark. It is full of fun and playfulness, and if you’re lucky to get a BTLR with your room they are there to help with every aspect of your stay.

Visit the Chateau Denmark website to book a room, and to find out more about what the wonderful world of Chateau Denmark has to offer. I stayed in a Deluxe Session room with BTLR, priced at £674 per night. Prices vary depending on the date, and which room is booked. Here are more details about the Deluxe Session room or If you want to check out Instagram visit @chateaudenmark

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