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Three Cheers for Three Years: Varla Eagle One's Anniversary Celebration

Three Cheers for Three Years: Varla Eagle One's Anniversary Celebration

Let us honor the Eagle One in greater detail in honor of the third anniversary of the dual-motor electric scooter

June 20th, 2023

It seemed like yesterday that Varla launched the Eagle One and Eagle One pro dual motor electric scooter models onto the market, and it has already been 3 years! Not only does Varla comprise a great adult electric scooter series, but they are also environmentally friendly.

Varla has always been conscious of its surrounding environment and has aimed to reduce its overall carbon footprint.

They have incorporated this vision into many other scooters, such as their versatile Eagle One series, which is not only a fast electric scooter, but the Eagle One pro has been designed to operate smoothly on different types of terrain, proving to be a great off-road electric scooter as well.

Let us honor the Eagle One in greater detail in honor of the third anniversary of the dual-motor electric scooter, looking at Varla's core mission and values. We will also highlight what the consumers have to say about the scooter and stay tuned till the end to look at a great sale.

Mission and Values

Even though there are many electric scooter vendors in the market, very few of them commit to social responsibilities such as providing the public with a greener choice of commuting, and even fewer of them tend to do so while ensuring that the adult electric scooter consists of parts that are of great quality.

Varla scooters are dominating the market because of their mission, which is to provide individuals with a unique riding experience each time they embark on their dual-motor electric scooter.

Whether going out on an errand or commuting to and from your workplace, Varla has integrated its vision into its adult electric scooter, offering riders a comfortable and speedy riding experience, with the bonus of reducing their carbon footprint.

Varla believes that it is our social responsibility to take care of the world we live in, and the first step in the right direction is to implement green practices to care for the environment.

When Varla was founded in 2018, it aimed to provide riders with the means to traverse smoothly on all terrains without resorting to large vehicles that produce ample smoke pollution.

To fulfill the goals they envisioned during the initial launch phase of the fast electric scooter manufacturing company, they produced theEagle One Pro off-road electric scooter, ensuring a comfortable journey no matter the terrain.

However, they did not stop there. Varla is always at work, making enhancements to all of their fast motorized scooter models, upgrading them with the latest technology to ensure maximum performance, and they have done so with the Eagle One lineup as well.

To ensure that the 40 mph electric scooter set high standards in the market, they had to balance speed with all-terrain traversal, which they did by implementing an incredibly powerful dual motor and durable shocks to cushion the impact.

Three Cheers for Three Years

The popularity of the Scooter Amongst Users and Critics

Varla has proven to be one of the most sought-after electric scooter manufacturers in the market, with incredibly high demand in many parts of the globe where the 40-mph electric scooter is available.

Even though affordability has contributed considerably to the rapidly growing demand for Varla scooters like the Eagle One series, that is not the deciding factor.

When potential consumers are researching the product, one of the most important factors responsible for determining which scooter to go for, other than whether it falls within their budget or not, is the reviews on the internet.

In this era of technology, loads of information is available to everyone with a single search on their smartphones, including numerous reviews given by customers and famous critics specializing in electric scooters.

If a product has negative reviews online, it is natural to assume that it would prefer to switch to a different company that manufactures a 40 mph electric scooter.

However, Varla does not have to worry about such a thing because of the overwhelmingly positive reviews that their Eagle One lineup, with many reputable critics claiming it to be one of the best entry-level electric scooters to have hit the market.

Not just that, but even the Eagle One or Eagle One Pro browsing page contains a section that comprises many positive reviews that are written by the individuals who invested in the 40 mph electric scooter.

Varla Eagle One Series Lineup

Even though the electric scooter manufacturer has come up with some great models since its launch, the Varla Eagle One series has risen to become the best electric scooter model, not just within the company but considering the electric scooter market.

With the Eagle One series, the scooter manufacturers decided to produce two different scooters, and even though their overall functionality might seem incredibly similar at first glance, there is much more to it.

Varla Eagle One & Eagle One Pro

While both can provide smooth traveling on different terrains, the Eagle One is designed to offer speedy travel to cater to daily commuters and students who travel in the city.

However, the Eagle One Pro is geared toward offering premium travel on all terrains, traversing incredibly rough and uneven rocky roads without offering a bumpy ride due to the scooter’s durable shock absorption.

Celebrating the Third Anniversary

One of the main goals that drove the masterminds behind Varla was developing a unique, all-terrain riding experience for the general public without requiring them to invest in environmentally hazardous motor vehicles that eat up fossil fuels and produce an ample amount of smoke pollution.

Today marks the third anniversary of developing the trademark series in the Varla catalog, which not only helped the manufacturers fulfill their vision but also encouraged them to work harder than ever to push the envelope and create more efficient transport solutions.

To commemorate this special occasion, Varla has decided to provide potential consumers with a once-in-a-lifetime sale in the form of a ground-breaking sale, consisting of great discounts not only for the Eagle One foldable electric scooter series but for all the other Varla scooters as well. So, what are you waiting for? Visit Varla and save up to $800 off your purchase now!

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Here are some of the great things many reputable review sites and consumers have had to say about the Varla scooter:

“Whether it's for commuting or fun (or a little of both), the Varla Eagle One electric scooter will get you where you're going.”


“It truly is a monster. This superpowered scooter ticks all the boxes as one of the best entry-level high-performance models.”

-Electric Travel

“Online, the dual-motor, 2,000 watts Varla Eagle One electric scooter looks like an absolute beast, and, in our testing, it holds up to the claims.”

-Clean Technica

Go for Green

Not only does Varla produce high-performance scooters that provide a premium performance and riding experience, but they aim to create only the most environmentally sound transport solutions to go green with their scooters and manufacturing practices.


Ever since the emergence of electric scooters, there has been an influx of different organizations coming up with their rendition of the off-road electric scooter.

This is why knowing which electric scooter manufacturer to choose is important. If you are looking for an environmentally friendly premium riding experience, then Varla is the best option. Act now while the discount lasts, and get your Varla Eagle One today!

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