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Time to Heal With Forest Bathing in Morzine

Time to Heal With Forest Bathing in Morzine

With Magical Snow Treks in Morzine, guided by Simone, you’ll fully immerse yourself into the forest, re-awakening your digital-living battered senses.

August 8th, 2022

My moment.

As I sat on the freezing cold boulder that drew me in to the bend of the icy river, I gave in to the truth that nature was healing me. That was what I was feeling.

I slowly breathed in the oxygen that felt thick and forceful, lovingly created for me by the forests around me, and that they had kindly offered to feed me with.

Pursing my lips to prevent the leaving rush of air, I held onto the exhale with a dizzying purpose. Hearing only the sizzle of the water as it bubbled through the rocks on the river bed, I closed my eyes. Resting the back of my hands on my crossed legs, I felt the Earth pull me back to lay down in peace.

I was forest bathing, Shinrin Yoku, in the snowy Alps near Morzine.

The moment.

The trip to Morzine could have been any snowboarding trip. Adrenaline filling every moment from the unnatural downward sliding to the all-natural buzz from dancing all night in your boots following Après.

Don’t get me wrong, it was all those things and more. The food and drink scene in Morzine leaves an indelible impression, as does the historical surprises discovered by chatting to the locals.

Yet, this trip to Morzine was more memorable than ever before. Proof that even if you still haven’t fallen head over heels in love with skiing or snowboarding, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on a snow trip with friends or family.

Simone, our magical forest bathing guide, greeted us with the calmest, warmest, and most welcoming smile to take us on our enlightening tour.

Shinrin-yoku is a widely popular medicinal practice in Japan. It offers the opportunity to reconnect with our natural ability to heal, recharge our batteries, and therapeutically remedy blood pressure issues, anxiety, and depression.

With Magical Snow Treks in Morzine, guided by Simone, you’ll fully immerse yourself into the forest, re-awakening your digital-living battered senses.

Their moment.

We began our experience at a point in the forest where we asked permission to enter. One of our group, a guy who recently lost his mother, shed a tear at this early point. The powerful pull of nature often has a visceral effect on those who least expect it, when you and your group go all in.

The still silence of our movements meant that the forest and its inhabitants were comfortable in loudly being themselves around us. We showed them that we respected their home and were giving in to whatever lessons they were to teach us, if any at all.

After moving on from the forest gate, snowshoes strapped on and full cold weather hiking gear, it was time to give and receive with the forest.

Simone is a beautiful soul wondering around in this bonhomie radiating human being. She coaches and guides in a way that makes normal-people sense. Nobody felt silly or that they were getting anything wrong. There we’re moments of silence, receiving energy, offering thanks, and deeply getting to know the forest.

She asked us to get to know part of the forest that we felt pulled to, so I made friends with a tree stump that looked like it was reaching out for a hug. I don’t feel stupid about admitting that we had a chat. I asked if they were okay with what happened, they told me that it has been hard but with the support of the entire forest, the moss, and the animals around them they were thriving.

Your moment.

I’m a tree hugging, deep thinking, energy conduit so this was heaven to me. I often feel the receiving or giving of energy intensely. However, even if none of this represents you, please give forest bathing in Morzine a shot.

You’ll experience a slow walk through nature, with time to look around and take in an environment that you rarely get to relax in.

The final piece of the journey is enjoying freshly picked Norway spruce bud tea amongst the orchid filled clearing at the end. The perfect place to chat with your group about how the last couple of hours made you feel. You may even be surprised by yourself and others.

It truly is an inspiring way to relax, just a few hours out of the day or night and the chance to see more of the area in a new and mindful way.

To book your experience visit www.morzine-avoriaz.com.

Penny Lee

Penny Lee

Penny Lee is a true adventurer, often found wild swimming or throwing herself down a mountain on a board. She’s effortlessly cool and creative with an eye for a good photo.