You’ve decided it’s time to take your relationship to the next level. Congratulations! You probably have a ton of ideas spinning around in your head already when it comes to the proposal, but how about that ring?

We’ve put together a few tips to try and figure out her style and make sure you present her with something she will treasure.

Determining Her Ring Style

Trying to find out her ring size is just the start. A bigger deal is knowing what kind of style she’ll really love – what design, metal and gemstones?

Of course, she’s going to be delighted when you propose, but the ring’s a big deal, too. The first step is to take a quick look at the type of jewellery she likes, especially in terms of ring styles. Even a quick glance at her current collection will tell you whether she prefers soft, subtle, big or bold. It’s a good way to get a good feel for what she likes.

It’s at this point that a jeweller may just be your new best friend. Even with scant ideas or descriptions, an experienced jeweller can help you look through a range of rings to suit your fiancé-to-be.

To get her size right, sneakily borrow one of her existing rings she regularly wears and present it to the jeweller. Or, purchase your very own ring sizer kit online and then check out Sydney’s finest antique jewellery dealers for some great rings to choose from.

Which Stone Should You Pick?

Who doesn’t want an engagement ring with diamonds? Most women do! But, don’t rule out any other options just yet. Emeralds, sapphires and rubies also make popular engagement ring choices. If the coloured gem is the main stone, diamonds can always be used to emphasise the impact and add a beautiful contrast.

Vintage Or New?

These are your 2 main choices. You can have a ring designed from scratch or find a gorgeous antique ring.

Choosing an antique diamond engagement ring is by no means limiting either, in terms of choice. These are appealing choices, often handmade, and filled to the brim with history.

Which Setting Should You Choose?

Pretty much any design you can think of can hold a diamond in place. Everything from a simple yet elegant solitaire setting to a modern-day tension setting – your choices are endless. This is where you really need to take a sneak peak at her current collection to see what kind of style she’ll prefer.

Which Cut?

There are a few different diamond cuts on offer for engagement rings. The most popular tends to be a round brilliant cut. It’s flexible in terms of its suitability for different settings and works well in almost any design.

Another popular cut is called a cushion cut. This one is usually square and cured along each side to look like a pillow.

There’s really no wrong choice. As long as it suits her lifestyle and taste, you can’t go wrong.

The Metal

Finally, you need to choose a metal. Gold is obviously popular, but there are choices, like white, yellow or rose gold. Platinum and silver are also popular engagement ring metals.

Just remember it’s all about what she will like, do a little sneaking around and we bet you’ll get the perfect ring!


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