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Tips For Planning a Bachelorette Party

Tips For Planning a Bachelorette Party

Organizing an unforgettable bachelorette party is not as easy as people think.

September 19th, 2019

Organizing an unforgettable bachelorette party is not as easy as people think. There is a lot that goes into the planning process and the most important consideration is that you keep things interesting. There is plenty of communication and organization involved. You should expect anything as long as the boundaries are set. Having a magical experience will ultimately be dependent on you and your friends. Coordinating everything can be a daunting challenge, especially if you’re dealing with multiple bridesmaids. Here are some tips that could come in handy if you want to organize a memorable bachelorette party for a dear friend.

Determine the Guest List

While you want to keep everything under wraps, it is still important to consult with the bride on the people she’d like to attend the party. Don’t ask just anyone to come to the party when they’ve not been invited to the wedding in the first place. Sometimes the bride might want to include only close friends for the bachelorette party. If that is the case, it might be such a bad idea to check out Bare Knights to take things a notch higher. There is no harm in hiring male adult models if you want a memorable bachelorette party.

Getting the Right Timing

The timing for the bachelorette party has to be right. You don’t want it conflicting with other important dates. That is why it is important that you start planning in advance so that everything is in place during the bachelorette party. Throwing the party a month in advance before the wedding is the ideal time. If it is too close to the big day, the bride might not be that comfortable because of the stress that comes with planning the wedding. The bride should be able to have fun during the bachelorette party and not be thinking about the wedding.

All About the Bride

The bachelorette party should be all about the bride. Some people can get easily carried away with what a bachelorette party is supposed to be. Not everyone is about club hopping and drinking. That is why you should consult with the bride before coming up with a plan. You can also ask close friends since they’re in a better position to know what the bride will want. Think about the bride’s personality before throwing the party.

Have a Budget

The bachelorette party will obviously cost money. That is why you should set aside a sizable budget if you want to party to be fun. The party doesn’t have to be expensive because there are so many ways to have a good time without having money involved. You can even DIY decor with balloons to make it look luxurious without spending tonnes of money. Get the best balloons deal from https://balloons.online/ In most cases, the bride will not be paying for anything but she’ll be the center of attention. That is why the organizing committee should be wary of the budget allocation as you don’t want it to be strenuous for the people involved.

It Should Not be About Gifts

Presents are not necessary for a bachelorette party and you’re not obliged to have them with you for admittance. There is a common notion that every activity related to a wedding should have gifts involved. This is not always true, especially for bachelorette parties.


It doesn’t have to be formal compared to a wedding invite. Since only a few people will be invited, there will be no pressure to make it look like something serious. Just sending a simple email is enough. You can follow up with text messages a couple of days before the bachelorette party. The word should be out at least two months before the party. You can then start to send a couple of reminders when it is just one more month to the party.


It is easy to overlook transportation when the party is being organized out of town. You will have to consider where you’re going, what you’re doing and the number of people that have been invited to the occasion. It is important that you’re looking for a reliable and safe mode of transportation so that the girls are comfortable. In most instances, alcohol will be involved and you need a reliable means of transportation just to be on the safe side.

Social Media Guidelines

Not everyone is all about the hype that comes with social networks. The bride might want a low key party where there is no posting on social media. Everyone should be aware of what is expected of them. Ask the bride if she’s okay with the photos being posted on social media, because some memories like those that Bare Nights can provide, will last forever.

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