You may not realise it, but one of the hardest working items in your home is the bathroom mirror. Everyone spends some quality time with it, whether it’s to apply a face full of make-up, or just check if something is in your teeth, it certainly cops a lot of face time.

So, it should come as no surprise that choosing a bathroom mirror might take a little more thought than you realised. But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered with some tips on the things the team at Luxe Mirrors keeps in mind when finding a new bathroom mirror.

Whether you’re designing a brand-new bathroom from scratch, or just giving your current one a face lift, read on!

The Style of your Bathroom (and Home)

The first thing that will get you on your way of finding your new bathroom mirror is knowing the overall design aesthetic you are going for in your bathroom.

Is your bathroom aesthetic standalone compared to the rest of your home or an extension of the overall feel of your home? Is your bathroom more traditional or modern in style? A frameless mirror can really compliment a modern bathroom, while a frameless round mirror can soften the sharper features of a modern bathroom, while still having a modern touch.

Because we spend so much time looking into the mirror rather than at it, it can be easy to look past the design, but with so many options and styles, regardless of the theme of your bathroom and/or home, you will be able to find something to suit your needs.

Mirror Size

The size of your mirror is probably one of the most important things to consider, you want something that is going to be functional as well as look in proportion to your bathroom.

If you have a vanity unit, make sure you take this into consideration when determining the size of your mirror. Traditionally, your mirror will be slightly less wide than your vanity and will hang centred above it. However, if traditional is not what you’re after, you may want to consider wall to wall mirrors above this area.

Other things to consider when thinking about the size are:

  • The wall space available – if you have wall lighting features, such as sconces, these need to be taken into consideration when figuring out the size of your mirror. You’ve got to be realistic with the space you have available to you.
  • The height of the walls – this is about proportion. This will also aid in the placement of your mirror and understanding the size you need.
  • The size of the bathroom – A mirror that is too small in a large bathroom will look out of place. As will a huge mirror in a small crowded bathroom.

To save yourself some time, and get a feel for the size you might like to work with, consider cutting some paper or cardboard into the size and shape mirror you might want, and stick this to the wall for a few days. It will give you an idea of how a mirror that size may look and feel.

The Cleaning Factor

While it’s not necessarily the biggest concern, keep in mind that you (or hopefully someone else) will need to clean the mirror. If you have a larger mirror sometimes there are some hard to reach places – so while it’s not a deal breaker, this can be a little inconvenient.

When it comes to cleaning keep in mind that mirrored cabinets will need to be cleaned a little more than most other mirrors as they are touched more regularly. So if cleaning isn’t your thing, but you do want a mirrored cabinet, look for something with handles – that should help reduce the appearance of finger marks.

And to avoid pesky water splashes, placing your mirror around 15-20cm above your sinks should help. They are inevitable though!

What are you using it for?

Yes, you are using the mirror to see yourself in, but outside of that, the mirror can serve other purposes.

If you have a small bathroom, or multiple people using the bathroom, avoid arguments by going for a mirror that has storage options – we’ll tell you a little more about the types available a little later.

For those bathrooms that are a bit darker, or smaller, your mirror can act as a source of light, or even the only source of light thanks to many mirrored options now featuring in-built LED lighting.

Short on Space?

The bathroom and the lack of storage space available is the root cause of many household arguments, but your bathroom mirror can help sort out some of this drama. There are many mirrors with built-in storage options, such as traditional mirrored medicine cabinet style, mirrors with concealed cabinets and mirrors with ledges attached to the front.

Extra storage space is never not welcome and will go a long way in any bathroom.

Mirror(s) Mirror(s) on the Wall

Why stop at one mirror? Many bathrooms have twin basins, so why not go for twin mirrors as well. Multiple mirrors on a wall can really make a statement and be incredibly practical for multiple users.

Or if you would prefer one larger mirror, consider adding in an extendable smaller mirror – often these ones come on an extendable arm that doesn’t take up too much space but can be moved closer so you can see those harder to see places. These mirrors are often available with extra magnification for those intricate jobs.

Light it up

Like we mentioned earlier, your mirror can be an additional source of light or the only source of light in your bathroom. If you are trying to save on space, a front lit mirror can be a great option as you don’t need to worry about fitting lighting anywhere else in the bathroom.

Unfortunately, most bathrooms suffer from a lack of lighting, but it’s the room you need it the most in. Mirrors with LED lighting built in, whether they are front lit or backlit make a great option for those rooms lacking in light.

If lighting isn’t an issue in your bathroom, a backlit mirror is still a great option because the halo like glow they create is perfect for adding an element of relaxation to your bathroom. And with many lighting options, such as cool, warm and daylight, you can completely transform the feel of your space, making it a nice little oasis.

To Frame or Not to Frame

Deciding whether you want a framed or frameless mirror does depend on the style of your bathroom, but it’s worth thinking about in a bit more detail.

While a framed mirror is usually more traditional, with the endless styles and materials that frames can be made of, no matter how simple or eclectic your style might be, there will be a frame that will suit your needs and style.

A frameless mirror is usually more simplistic and minimalistic in nature and can blend in seamlessly to any style bathroom. Often, they can make a bathroom feel larger as they are not cut off by a frame. A frameless mirror can also look incredibly sleek and modern and can compliment a brand-new bathroom, or breath some life into an outdated bathroom that needs a refresh.


Most bathroom mirrors are rectangular or round, but don’t be shy to stray away from the traditional when it comes to the shape. With the ability to get mirrors in custom shapes and sizes your options are almost endless.

While there are some advantages to think about when it comes to a traditional rectangular shape, such as a wider visual scope, many rectangular shaped mirrors are being updated with curved edges to soften them.

The shape of your mirror can make them the focal point of the bathroom – a round mirror is usually great for this – but the shape can also change the feel of the bathroom. A more modern bathroom with sharper edges can be softened with a round mirror, or a round mirror can really compliment a bathroom with curved features and fittings.

Take cues from the shapes you see in your bathroom – there may be architectural features that can be enhanced by the shape you choose.

Materials Matter:

With so many different materials used to make mirrors, you do not need to compromise on quality. The bathroom experiences extreme temperatures every day – with humidity from the shower, to the cold crisp winter air from that open window, so you need a mirror that is built to last. Buying a mirror from a reputable retailer, such as Luxe Mirrors, means that you will be guaranteed to get one that has been made using quality materials and it will have been built with its purpose in mind, meaning you will get miles out of its use.

Now that you’re armed with these things to think about, you’re well on your way to finding your next bathroom mirror. But before you start your search, we recommend that you click here to get more tips on how to choose the perfect bathroom mirror for your home from the team at Luxe Mirrors.


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