Top 5 Occasions Where Mocktails Come in Handy

The trend of tasty mocktail recipes is taking the post pandemic beverage world by storm while giving home chefs and DIY bartenders a guilt-free outlet for their creative expressions. [...]

The trend of tasty mocktail recipes is taking the post pandemic beverage world by storm while giving home chefs and DIY bartenders a guilt-free outlet for their creative expressions. These ‘mock cocktails’ mirror alcohol containing drinks in flavor only, without the extra calories or spirits to numb the reflexes. 

Mocktails are a delicious way to experiment and have fun without overlooking those health-conscious goals set back in January. They are also a nice alternative to the soda or juice and seltzer options on most restaurant menus. 

Despite the sugar content, these dynamic drinks are often viewed as the healthier substitute to their alcohol containing counterparts and the flavors are endless. 

Let’s face it, mocktail recipes are here to stay. 

Favored Events That May Call for Mocktails

Mocktails are having their moment in the spotlight and for all the right reasons it may be an extended moment. People are finding there’s really never a bad time for a mocktail but there are those times when they are especially called for. Here’s some of our most favored events for serving and/or consuming mocktails. 

  • Baby Showers – For obvious reasons a baby shower is a great event for your favorite mocktail recipes. The guest of honor doesn’t feel like she’s missing out and creating different flavors can be a great party craft.
  • Graduation Parties – This celebration of epic proportions is the perfect time to serve mocktails. Everyone gets to enjoy their favorite flavors and there’s no chance of young adults getting into alcoholic beverages.
  • Office Parties – Office parties just beg for multiple mocktail recipes. Nobody needs to know which guests are consuming alcohol and those who need to drive home should arrive safe and sound. 
  • Retirement Parties – Mocktails are the safe and healthier alternative to the spirit containing counterparts. Retirement parties are the perfect venue to serve delicious, beautifully crafted mocktails.
  • Holiday Parties – During the holidays the number of people arrested for drinking and driving increases dramatically. You can still celebrate while eliminating the risk of driving under the influence by serving and consuming mocktails at your holiday parties. 

Favorite Mocktail Recipes for Parties

As you dive into the dynamic world of mocktails you’ll find that the recipes and flavor combinations are quite literally endless! You could try an Arnold Palmer with iced tea and lemonade or a Pina Colada with frozen pineapple, coconut milk, and maple syrup. Mimic a strawberry daiquiri with frozen strawberries, lime juice, simple syrup, and lemon lime soda. Even a Shirley Temple can be concocted with Grenadine, lime juice, and ginger ale.

Make Some Tasty Mocktails Today

Get as fancy as you like. Just remember, you drink with your eyes first. A great looking mocktail is often a great tasting mocktail so don’t skimp on the finishing touches. You can coat the rims of cocktail glasses with coarse colored sugars or use smashed fruit to make little ice cubes that infuse extra flavor as the ‘melt’. You can even skewer olives on half-stripped rosemary stems. Give your mocktail recipes character and they’ll taste as great as they look! 

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