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Top Home Security Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

Top Home Security Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

After a long and tiring day at work, many of us love nothing more than to get through the door of our own homes and relax.

August 2nd, 2019

After a long and tiring day at work, many of us love nothing more than to get through the door of our own homes and relax. Whether you live alone, with housemates, or as a family, feeling safe and secure should be a given. Having a safe haven where you can feel at ease is important, so here are some top home security tips that every homeowner should know.

Don’t Provide Places for Intruders to Hide

You may not realize it, but your backyard can give someone plenty of places to hide. Therefore, it’s important that you regularly trim your bushes and trees. Make sure to trim back your shrubs, as well, to ensure they’re high enough to block your windows. You should also consider the lighting of your home. Have a look for places around your property that are dimly lit and dark, as they can allow thieves to access your home in the night. Installing motion detection spotlights can be a great place to start. Not only can they conserve energy, but they will alert you should an intruder try to strike.

Don’t Let Burglars Know You’re Away

If you’re going away on a trip, you should never announce it beforehand. While you may want to tell all your Facebook friends about your upcoming adventure, you can never be too sure on who is reading your posts. Another security measure you can take is to ask a trusted neighbor, friend, or relative to stop by your home each day to get your mail, newspapers and any packages that may be left at your front door. If any items are left sitting outside, a thief will know that you’re not at home. Consider getting your own Verisure Smart Alarm.

Install a Home Security System

While setting an alarm may not stop intruders from climbing inside your home, it can act as a deterrent to reduce the risk and will alert authorities if the thieves make it in. Keeping your home safe and secure should be your main concern, especially when you’re not in, so you may want to do an online search for “security companies near me”, which can give you information on the best home security systems in your area. Make sure that your alarm is engaged at all times, as some thieves may attempt to gain access to your property in one part of the home while you are in another.

Protect Your Windows

If you are thinking of buying new windows for your property, it may be worth upgrading to shatterproof glass, as this will prevent anyone from trying to break a window to gain access to your property. If you don’t have the budget for new windows, why not add a security film instead? Doing all you can to ensure your home is protected is key.

Secure Sliding Glass Doors

If you have sliding glass doors in your home, you may know how incredibly flimsy the locks can be. A burglar can easily pop them within seconds, giving them quick access to your abode. Installing a security bar can make the process much more difficult, giving an extra layer of security to your home.

Lock Your Windows and Doors

We all know how important it is to keep our windows and doors locked, but you may be surprised how many homeowners forget to do so, especially when going to bed. The last thing you want is to wake up in the morning to find your home has been ransacked or your car has been stolen, so going around your property at night and checking each window and door can give you peace of mind. This goes for your garage doors, too. Having the garage door unlocked may as well as be an open invitation for intruders to have a look around.

Change the Locks

If you have recently purchased a new home, your first point of call should be to change the locks. You can never be too sure on who may have a key for the original locks, so it’s always best to get them changed to make you feel more relaxed and secure in your property. You must hire the professional Locksmith Company. They will serve you in protecting your assets and most important is your family. They will provide total security features through fixing or improving your locks.

Keeping you, those who live with you, your valuables, and your property safe should be your number one priority. Whether you’re at home, in the office, or on vacation, installing a home security system, keeping your windows and doors locked, as well as eliminating places for intruders to hide are just a few precautionary measures that you can take to ensure your home is protected and safe. Check out your one stop locksmith service provider here.

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