Welcome, design enthusiasts, to a journey that promises to bring a slice of Palm Beach paradise right into your living space! Siobhan Murphy, our very own design maven, has scoured the luxurious enclaves of Palm Beach to bring you the essence of its elegant charm.

From the whimsical characters adorning the Colony Hotel’s Living Room mural to the plush linens and botanical motifs that define its interiors, Siobhan has curated a collection of must-have elements to recreate the quintessential Palm Beach look in your own home.

During my recent trip to Palm Beach, I was captivated by the eclectic blend of glamour and tropical whimsy that defines its interiors. From the intricate details of the Colony Hotel’s mural to the elegant furniture choices that exude sophistication, each aspect of Palm Beach style resonated with my love for bold design statements.

Get the Look- showcasing how to achieve a Palm Beach look in your own home. 

Step into the world of timeless luxury with a touch of Palm Beach sophistication. In this edition of Get the Look,  I’m unveiling the secrets to infusing your home with the breezy opulence synonymous with this iconic coastal destination. Im a huge advocate for using our favourite travel destinations as inspiration for our own interiors, so here’s how to bring the allure of Palm Beach right to your doorstep. 

Colour palettes 

Begin by embracing the Palm Beach colour palette – think vibrant corals, cool greens, dreamy pinks and soothing aquas. Lots of crisp white can be used as a base too which will ground the scheme and provide a bright base for all that dreamy colour. You can Infuse these hues into your home through carefully selected furnishings, accent pieces, and even a splash of wall colour, wallpapers and murals, The goal is to recreate the refreshing coastal vibe that defines this Floridian paradise.

The Miami collection of paint colours by Yes Colours has an array of the most delicious vibrant pastel shades. When it comes to getting the Palm Beach vibe in your home a few pastel colours will never do any harm, whether you are juxtaposing pinks and aquas, or yellows and lilacs – there is so much fun to be had here experimenting and finding the right combo for your space.

It simply couldn’t be easier, and couldn’t be more colourful.

After all, why wait for a vacation when you can bring the essence of paradise right to your doorstep?


Palm Beach Mural at The Colony Hotel

The Living Room mural by de Gournay in the Colony Hotel’s lobby is full of whimsical characters—like flamingos wearing pearl necklaces! I’ve found some similar wallpapers that you might like! 

A charming and sophisticated three-panel mural featuring the intricate architecture of a tropical house and the rich variety of botanicals housed within, set against an ombré background by Palm house by Osbourne and Little.

Miami vibe – wallpaper in green and peach by Lust home 

Miami / Palm Beach

Lush Fabrics and Textures

Elevate the comfort factor with lush fabrics and textures. Opt for plush linens, soft cottons, and natural materials that exude an air of laid-back luxury. Incorporate needlepoint cushions and patterned blankets in lively patterns that mirror the tropical flora and fauna found in Palm Beach, like banana leaves and palm prints to bring the outdoors in. 

Needlepoint cushion


Harlequin x Sophie Robinson Basket Weave Hand Towel, Rose

Chic Coastal Accents:

The devil is in the details, and Palm Beach style is no exception. Integrate chic coastal accents such as seashell-inspired decor, coral motifs, and bamboo elements. A big trend this year will be sea inspired decor so think bold seascape murals teamed with a strong punchy stripe. 

These subtle nods to the coastal environment will transport you to the tranquil shores of Palm Beach without leaving the comfort of your home.

Pink shell lamp from RSG 

Shell decorations 

Elegant Furniture Choices:

Selecting the right furniture is crucial to achieving the Palm Beach look. Opt for pieces that marry comfort with sophistication – plush patterned sofas, elegant dining sets, and statement-making accent cocktail chairs. Wicker and rattan furniture, in particular, are quintessential Palm Beach choices that effortlessly merge style and relaxation. I’m particularly drawn to lacquered bamboo furniture right now which just epitomises the glamour of Palm Beach. 

Dining chairs from John Lewis 

Rattan console table 

Quirky Seletti lamp 

Mirrored Surfaces and Metallics:

Reflect the glamour of Palm Beach by incorporating mirrored surfaces and metallic accents. Mirrored furniture and gilded accessories amplify the natural light, creating an atmosphere that sparkles with sophistication. Gold and brass finishes, in particular, complement the warm tones of the Palm Beach colour scheme.


Botanical Bliss:

Bring the lushness of Palm Beach’s tropical landscape into your home with an abundance of greenery. Large leafy plants and palm fronds add a touch of exotic allure. Consider botanical prints, wallpapers and rugs to further immerse your space in the verdant beauty that characterises this coastal haven.

Anthropologie rug 

Scallops and bows 

Scallops and bows feature heavily in palm beach interior style, decorative trims such as fringe, tassels and feathers also add that next level of fabulousness to your decor! 

Addison Ross scalloped pink tray 

Bow knobs 

Books on Palm Beach Style 

Further reading and more beautiful inspiration can be found in these coffee table books: 

Ready to infuse your home with the vibrant spirit of Palm Beach? With Siobhan Murphy’s expert tips and curated selections, you’re just a few clicks away from transforming your space into a coastal oasis.

Embrace the elegance, embrace the relaxation, and let the sunshine in.

For more inspiring travel guides and home decor insights, head over to House of Coco and embark on your next adventure in style!


Hello I’m Siobhan Murphy, you may recognise me from BBC’s Interior Design Masters where I was a finalist back in 2020. Since then I’ve launched my own interior design business.

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