Traveling is a chance for us to see people of different cultures, to get closer to unexpected experiences, and to reveal new ankles of ourselves. This is a bunch of opportunities that shouldn’t be skipped, for instance, because you plan solo travel for any reason.

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Yes, being alone during the whole trip may cause many questions. How to start your route, whether it is safe to go out without company, and so on. But all fears are just fears if you desire to travel solo and are able to organize your plans. Here are 7 special tips for individuals who plan to travel alone and aspire to make everything work well.

1. Know and rely on yourself

Being stressed and nervous is okay before you go on the trip. But such emotions may double if you will be alone during your travels. That’s because many people require someone to rely on and don’t believe that they could hold everything in their hands.

So first, the most basic tip is to rely only on yourself. Consider your strong sides, personal features, abilities, and desires to make decisions. In the end, you are the one to rule your trip. Having everything in your hands will help you to control the situation and enjoy its results.

2. Prefer places with free Wi-Fi

If you are planning to travel to another country then you’ll need a good Internet connection more than ever. For instance, you may need to google a city map, grocery stores, hospitals nearby, and other establishments.

That’s why when you are looking for a hotel, restaurant, club, or another entertaining place, you should prefer the one with free Wi-Fi. Also, depending on the country you are planning to go to, you may require VPN for browsers to access the websites and apps you need.

3. Preinstall a Virtual Private Network

Modern VPN is made to simplify your life. It stays for your security and helps to access any content on the Web that is restricted at your current location. You may not know all the actual restrictions of the countries you will travel to, so it’s better to pre-install useful software and browser add-ons to your devices beforehand.

Just keep in mind to prefer a fast secure VPN with many positive reviews. You may try an app or get a free VPN extension for Firefox for having stable and safe opportunities. As a result, you’ll always have access to any website and protect your privacy.

4. Pay attention to ratings

If you don’t have someone by your side, you may not be sure of what place to stay or to eat to choose. Well, when you are not alone, you can always discuss the hotel or restaurant with your partner or friends to decide which one is better. But it’s quite hard to discuss these things with yourself only.

That’s why every single travel guide highlights that ratings and reviews matter. Other people have already tested and tried many places so you can use their experiences to make your choices. So pay attention to these details and select hotels, cafes, museums, etc. according to the customer’s feedback.

5. Communicate with other travelers

Even if you enjoy your personal space, you may be interested in communicating with other travelers. Such conversations may vary your leisure and provide you with extra information you didn’t have before. For instance, when you wait for your flight and talk to fellow people, they may share good places to eat or tell you a funny story.

As a result, you will still be a solo traveler but experience a variety of different emotions. In the end, you will make more exciting memories and enhance the success of your trip.

6. Do things you don’t normally do

Here is an unexpected tip for traveling alone: make something new and unusual. For instance, eat new food instead of traditional food, wake up early in the morning instead of sleeping till the afternoon, go for a walk instead of riding on a bus, etc.

Thanks to such small things you will feel different than in your ordinary life. That’s how you can collect more new memories and relax properly.

7. Make breaks

Sometimes we try to see everything during our trip. As a result, we keep running without proper relaxation and the joy of traveling at all. This issue relates to solo and group traveling as well but solo travelers experience more stress and pressure so they are more prone to exhaustion.

So consider relaxing more instead of trying to complete your plan. For instance, don’t hurry up to eat and enjoy the restaurant’s atmosphere. You may spend an hour for dinner instead of 15 minutes but experience more pleasure and excitement for these 60 minutes.


As you can see,solo traveling can be even more fantastic than you expect. Just keep in mind to follow important rules and tips. You have to rely on your strengths, develop your path, and install useful apps beforehand like Google Maps, VeePN, Messengers, etc. Then you’ll be able to truly enjoy your independent trip!


Northern girl Laura is the epitome of a true entrepreneur. Laura’s spirit for adventure and passion for people blaze through House of Coco. She founded House of Coco in 2014 and has grown it in to an internationally recognised brand whilst having a lot of fun along the way. Travel is in her DNA and she is a true visionary and a global citizen.

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