As many pet owners know, traveling with your dog can be very frustrating if you do not prepare for the journey. However, if well-prepared, sharing your adventures with your pets can be a very fulfilling and rewarding experience. For example, a portable dog fence will help them feel more safe and secure. To help you feel prepared, here is a list of the top items you need to have on hand when traveling with your dog.

A Crate To Call Home

The first item that you must have is a good crate. This crate can provide your dog with a ‘home’ that they can rest in during travel and in the evenings. Having something that smells and feels familiar can help them feel more comfortable as they experience new places with you. There are many options and price ranges for these crates. If you are looking for versatility, a collapsible crate is a great option. If durability is of more concern, a traditional hard plastic crate with a metal door may be more your style.

A Leash For Mobility

While crates are great for safe travel, your dog is like you–they need to stretch their legs! They also may feel stressed or excited when they experience new surroundings and may not stay close to you if you let them out, no matter how well they have been trained. A simple leash will allow you to take them on short walks at rest stops, gas stations, and hotels with peace of mind. It also gives you options for exercise once you’ve reached your destination. Visit this site to read more about the best dog harness that are available in the market. It is an essential item if you do not want to lose your beloved dogs as they will misbehave when they are overly excited.

Bags to Clean Up Messes

Your dog will also need to take bathroom breaks on your trip, so bringing poop bags is important. And if you stop at established rest stops, restaurants, and gas stations along the way, you should be able to easily find trash cans where you can throw the bags away and a sink to wash your hands.

A Robust Supply of Food and Water

While you can go through a drive-thru or sit-down at a restaurant along the way, your dog isn’t so lucky. Be sure you bring enough food to feed them at their regular meal times throughout your travels. It is also smart to bring a little extra in case a bag gets lost, some food gets wet, or you end up staying longer than planned. For water, make sure you have a bowl your dog can drink out of, and that you know where you can get water from along the way. Usually, any stop that you can get a drink at will have water that you can access for your dog as well.

Don’t Forget The Treats

Everyone knows that one of the best parts of a road trip is the snacks, and your dog is no different. Being cooped up in the car all day definitely calls for a reward. Bringing your dog’s favorite treats can help them enjoy the experience during those extra long drives or airplane rides. The pleasant surprise is that you can share your treats such as cherries, blueberries and strawberries with your pet. Casey from ScoutKnows recommends stocking up on snacks that are apt for both people and pooches so you can store them all together in one place for everyone to indulge in.

Oh, and Their favorite Toy

Remember doing word searches or playing handheld video games on those long car rides as a kid? Dogs need to stay entertained too! Buy their favorite toy or two from a pet shopnear you that can help them stay happy while traveling, especially if you will be covering long distances.

A Warm Blanket or Towel

This can serve a couple of different purposes. First, it gives your dog something soft to lay on. You can put it in their crate, lay it out on the grass, or use it as a soft bed in a hotel room. You can also use it to wipe your dog down if they get dirty or wet before allowing them back in your car, camper, or hotel room. You can find a great selection at

A Current Picture of your Dog

Although you always hope it will never happen, it’s good to be prepared. If your dog happens to get lost while traveling, it is important to have a picture to show people when you are looking for them. It will definitely increase your chances of finding them in an unfamiliar place.

Just in Case: Vaccination Records

This is especially important when crossing country borders or flying, but it can be useful even if you are just traveling to another state. If, for some reason, you end up needing to board your dog at an unfamiliar kennel, having these records can ensure that you won’t have any issues.

Remember, your dog can be a great traveling companion as long as you are prepared. So pick your destination, pack your bags, and get going on your journey!


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