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Try Out Budapest’s Most Famous Thermal Spa’s with #TeamCoco

Budapest is a city renowned for its famous thermal baths, it’s a part of Hungarian’s balanced life culture. The nation has more than 1,300 thermal water springs, with 123 in Budapest alone. Wellness and spa culture have been a part of the Hungarian lifestyle for hundreds of years, and if you want to have a true Hungarian experience then you need to discover some of the most relaxing thermal baths in Budapest.

Szechenyi Bath

A tourist hotspot, Szechenyi is the most popular bath in Budapest. It is one of the biggest natural hot spring spa baths in Europe too. The historic bath is over 100 years old, and throughout its century-old history, 100 million bathers have enjoyed the warm medicinal waters and fun swirl pools of Szcehenyi. Consisting of 18 pools, Szechenyi is open every day, even on national holidays and in winter weather. Besides the outdoor and indoor geothermal pools, treat yourself to a message, enjoy the saunas, work out at the gym, or relax by the pool with some traditional Hungarian beer. If you’re taking a trip with friends, why not try out the Saturday night bath party. Expect lively music, vibrant lights, plenty of beer, and lots of fun! If you’re looking for something more relaxing, soak in the spring waters and book a massage to enhance the effectiveness of the water’s healing powers.

Gellért Baths

With stained-glass windows and colorful porcelain tiles adorning the walls, Gellért Baths is a masterpiece of art nouveau architecture. It’s one of the most stunning historic spas in the Hungarian capital, making bathing feel like a royal ritual. There are also a number of small thermal baths that can be privately booked, making it great for couples.

Lukács Baths

Lukács is a real medical mecca proven by the marble memorial plaques installed in the bath’s park, giving thanks in various languages to the institution and its medical staff for healing. It’s also enormous and houses a drinking hall offering the same water that supplies the baths – coming from a newer well.

Rudas Baths

With its wonderful 10m diameter dome, held aloft by eight pillars, Rudas has been in operation since the Turkish conquest of Hungary in the 16th century. Its biggest attraction is a rooftop hot tub providing a pretty view of the Pest skyline. Rudas is the only bath that still holds same-sex days on weekdays (Mon, Wed-Thu & Fri til 12.45 men-only; Tue women-only).