UK Events Where You Can Bump into Celebs 

Throughout the year, the UK plays host of a huge number of events of all different types – from sporting competitions to arts festivals and music events. But it’s not just the general public who enjoy attending, you’re also likely to spot familiar faces as well. These are some of the biggest events taking place in the UK where you can take part in celeb spotting. 

Royal Ascot

The Royal Ascot horse racing event takes place in June of each year and is one of the sport’s most famous and anticipated competitions. In addition to the incredible races and prestige of the event, a key highlight for many visitors is the many celebrity fans who show up to watch the races unfold. Naturally, the Royal family attend each year – the Queen has never missed it and is a huge fan of the sport – but it is also popular with the likes of Sir Mo Farah, Dame Helen Mirren and Victoria Pendleton, the guides for Royal Ascot on the day should let you know who is expected to attend.  


Glastonbury is a world-renowned music festival that has brought decades of great acts to Somerset and draws in thousands of music fans each year over the course of the five-day event. Among the muddy campsites and endless parties, attendees will also be able to spot recognisable faces as well. From Hollywood actress Margot Robbie and David Beckham to Cara Delevigne and Kit Harington, as well as some big names in the music business as well, Glastonbury has long been popular with the A-list crowd. 


Wimbledon is one of the biggest tennis tournaments in the world and a key event of the summer in Britain, not just for tennis fans but also for celebrities. Everyone from members of the Royal family to A-list actors, music stars and models have found themselves photographed and filmed watching games unfold from the surrounding seats. The finals, in particular, are a haven for celeb spotting and some of the most famous attendees in recent years have included Benedict Cumberbatch, Eddie Redmayne and Emma Watson. 

Henley Royal Regatta

The Henley Regatta is to rowing what Wimbledon is to tennis and is a highlight of the British summer season, with much of its Edwardian charm still intact. It’s a fun event with entertainment, music, food and drinks, as well as some of the finest displays of rowing talent in the country. If you want a break from watching the races, there’s always celebrity spotting to enjoy – the Regatta is regularly attended by sporting celebrities such as Sir Steve Redgrave and Dame Katherine Grainger. 

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

If comedy and the arts are more your scene, you’ll no doubt be heading to Edinburgh for the annual Fringe festival. This month-long event boasts a huge roster of performances and shows, from comedy performances and stand-up to music, dance and theatrical pieces. The Fringe festival is where many famous faces first got their big break, but it’s also a regular haunt for established figures as well, with the likes of George R.R Martin, Dylan Moran, Dame Diana Rigg and Ruby Wax attending for shows and as fans.  

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