Car insurance is a necessity these days, but did you know it can do more than provide coverage in the event of an accident? Many people are unaware of the extra benefits of car insurance, and this article will explore the unexpected ways car insurance can help you. From roadside assistance to discounts on other services, plenty of hidden perks come with being insured. You may be surprised by how much value your car insurance brings to your life.

Unexpected Uses for Car Insurance

Most drivers are familiar with the essential requirements and benefits of car insurance. However, car insurance can help you out in many less-known unexpected ways.

Car insurance provides more than just coverage for your vehicle in the event of an accident. It has several hidden features that can come in handy during other life events. If you already have a policy from a company such as, you may not even know how your auto coverage can help you. Here are some unexpected uses for car insurance:

If you’re renting a vehicle while on vacation or business travel, your car insurance policy may cover rentals up to certain limits. Your insurer also may protect you if someone else has an accident while driving your vehicle or if the damage is caused by hitting a deer or other animal on the road.

Accidents on Vacation

Having the right car insurance coverage can help you in ways that may be unexpected, such as providing financial protection from accidents on vacation. Here are a few key benefits of having car insurance while travelling:

First, if an accident happens while you’re on vacation, your car insurance could cover medical expenses for any injured parties involved in the accident. This includes medical bills and lost wages due to hospitalization or other treatments. Additionally, depending on your policy, it could even cover legal fees if needed.

Second, if your rental car is damaged during an accident or stolen while on vacation, your car insurance policy may cover the costs associated with replacing or repairing the vehicle.

Theft & Vandalism

Comprehensive coverage through an auto policy can help cover the associated costs if your car has been stolen. For example, this coverage helps pay for a rental car while the police search for your vehicle or any towing or storage fees once recovered. Additionally, suppose your vehicle has been vandalized. In that case, comprehensive coverage can also help with repairs or replacements of damaged parts, such as windshields, windows and mirrors, all without having to come out-of-pocket with the cost.

Roadside Assistance

One helpful service provided by many car insurance companies is roadside assistance. This service comes in handy if your car breaks down on the side of the road, suffers a flat tire, or runs out of gas. Roadside assistance can send someone to help you with whatever issue you’re facing and get you back on the road quickly and safely. Some insurance carriers offer this service free as part of their customer coverage plan, so check with your provider to see what services are available.

Make the Most of Your Coverage

Vehicle insurance is an invaluable tool for keeping you and your vehicle safe. It can help protect your finances, provide emergency services, and even cover the costs of medical expenses. Additionally, many car insurance companies offer additional benefits, such as roadside assistance and rental car coverage in case of an accident. Car insurance may also help with unexpected expenses, such as funeral costs or legal fees.


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