Meal replacement shakes, mainly protein shakes are an excellent way of making the most of your workouts and building lean muscle tissue.

And if you’re counting calories, with a meal replacement shake you can incorporate all the vitamins and minerals into your eating plan without the added calories.;

Studies have revealed that meal replacement shakes are an effective way of maintaining healthy weight management and control. But remember, a ketogenic diet has a restriction of low carb meal replacement shakes only. Too many protein and carbs can have a negative effect on your body and result in your body not being in a state of ketosis.

How much protein is allowed in a ketogenic diet?

You should only include a moderate amount of protein in your ketogenic diet. Too little won’t allow you to maintain lean muscle tissue and too much can result in your body going out of its ketogenic state. This is because your liver will be using some of the protein for energy and will end up converting it into glucose and interfering with burning fat which is the opposite of the desired result you’re looking to achieve. When you buy keto shakes online, ideally you should be looking for a keto meal replacement shake which has enough protein to sustain lean muscle mass but not too much to hinder ketosis. But we want to know is Keto bad for you.

Pros and Cons of taking a meal replacement shake

The advantages:

  • They are highly convenient for individuals with a busy lifestyle when they’re on the go.
  • They are great for boosting healthy weight loss.
  • You don’t have to count calories all the time.
  • They are packed with minerals and vitamins.


  • They may contain preservatives, added sugars and other non-desirable ingredients which is why it is imperative always to read the product labels.
  • They’re not as satisfying as well-balanced meals.
  • They’re not really helping with teaching you to prepare your own nutrition-packed meals.
  • They can be quite pricey.
  • Some products tend to leave a bad aftertaste.
  • Some products are difficult to blend well.
  • Meal replacement shakes can often cause certain side-effects particularly when they are consumed over a long period of time and in large quantities.
  • They are not FDA regulated and can contain additives that you don’t desire. Some even contain traces of cadmium, lead, mercury or other harmful metals which is not ideal for a healthy lifestyle. Elevated levels of metals in your system can lead to weakness, joint pain, chronic fatigue, and headaches.


It’s imperative always to research any products that you’re thinking about taking. Keto meal replacements can become an essential part of your keto lifestyle and can be highly beneficial if taken correctly and do not contain ingredients that are damaging or contain too high carb and protein levels which is not recommended for a keto diet. They often pose a challenge with not mixing adequately, and sometimes leave a foul aftertaste in your mouth. However, not all products are manufactured equally, and there are many products on the market that are the real deal and are suitable to use in conjunction with a Keto diet.


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